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October Shopping Summary



1.Langford Market Pearl Necklace – gift carded (seen here)

2. Langford Market Skater Skirt – $45 (seen here)

3. The Limited Faux Leather Paneled Skirt – $70 (same)

4. J. Crew Factory Emery Bow Flats – $45 (same) (seen here)

5. J. Crew Factory Merino Wool Sweater – $35 (same)

6. J. Crew Factory Cotton Cobalt Blue Pencil Skirt – $35 (same)

7. Target Striped Baseball Tee – $9 (same)

8. Groopdealz Watch – $19

9. The Limited Black Pleated Skirt – $35 (same) (seen here)

10. The Limited Black Pencil Skirt – $30 (same)

Plus a cardigan, bracelet, and dress that I got from a clothing swap that will be revealed in a later post.

Total = $323


Gulp. This month’s total was WAY MORE than I usually spend. And, in fact, now that I look at it I’m thinking I might return the cobalt blue skirt to J. Crew Factory. It’s way too long on me and while I could get it hemmed I don’t think I need it that badly.

What I did need, though, was a new black pencil skirt. That’s not a sexy purchase but my current one is  just a tad bit too small. So, instead of continuing to pour my hips into it I decided to size up. So, if you need a Banana Republic black pencil skirt in a size 4 please let me know!

Also, I’d been on the hunt for a plain black crewneck sweater for almost a year and the deal on this one was too good to pass up.

The baseball tee from Target? It’s so soft and I so rarely buy items that I can’t repurpose for work. But sometimes you just need something comfy to wear around the house. Plus, it was on clearance for less than $9.

And the watch? I owned two watches that work and both are silver. I wanted something with gold but didn’t want it to be too bland or cheap looking. This one seems to fit the bill. I was originally going to look for one at the JF&A Show but I was unable to attend the October event. Hence the Groopdealz order.

As for the three flared skirts? Well, I suppose October was the month of the skirt. I have no excuses for why I bought these other than I wanted something other than just pencil skirts in my wardrobe.

Oh, I’m also leaving out my latest Halloween costume. I actually purchased it for a 10K race I was running but it’s totally getting repurposed. Wonder Woman is the best!

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Packing for Las Vegas

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

As I mentioned on Friday, I’m in Las Vegas for the first part of this week for a work conference. For some reason packing for this trip really flummoxed me. I’ve been to Vegas several times, once for this same conference several years ago, but I just couldn’t think of what to wear this time. I even asked on Twitter and Facebook for suggestions! Of course, being Vegas, the suggestions included sequins. And, as you’ll see, I didn’t completely discount it.



Black blazer, gray scarf, jeans, my new J. Crew Factory flats, and sequins for the plane! I’m actually writing this post on the plan and let me tell you: the security scanner machines at O’Hare did not know what to make of the sequined shirt. Thankfully I was there early enough that I didn’t mind the pat-down detour. But, for future reference, sequins may not make the best plane outfit.


Get used to seeing this black blazer. It’s my travel go-to. Perfect for layering and can totally go from day to night. In this case I’m pairing it with a black, white and gray printed tank top, black dress pants, and black heels. You may notice that there is a color theme to my packing: black and white. Makes it super easy to mix and match items.  I even threw in a pair of black skinny jeans that I can wear with top if I need something a bit more casual.


Here you go! My pop of color for the week. I put this cobalt blue shirt with a black pencil skirt and tossed in a black and white striped cardigan with gold buttons that match the gold zipper on the top. I can also wear this with my black jeans for the evening if necessary. And,of course, I can pair any of the other tops I brought with the black pencil skirt.  Silver sequins and a black skirt? Perfect for Vegas, right?


Finally I’ve got my second travel outfit. Almost exactly the same as the first outfit but I swapped out the sequins for a t-shirt. Although I kept the sparkles. Got to bring home some of the Vegas vibe, right? Can’t wait to see what airport security thinks of this top.

Not picture? My swimsuit, some lounge clothes, one workout outfit (including running shoes), a pair of black tights, and the black jeans mentioned earlier. And pajamas, jewelry and “unmentionables”.

The best part? I managed to fit it all in my carryon with room to spare!

Have you been to Las Vegas? What did you pack?

Friday From the Bottom Up

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

Gray blazer, Vividly scarf, Casual Friday outfit with jeans

gray_blazer_striped_shirt_vividly_scarf_3J. Crew Emery Bow Flats

Blazer – The Limited (similar) | Shirt – Old Navy (similar) | Jeans – Express (similar) | Scarf – Vividly (same) | Shoes – J. Crew Factory (same)


Welcome to Friday!! Friday basically means my brain doesn’t work so when planning my outfit I try to choose one item and then plan the rest of it around that one thing. Today it was these new bow flats I ordered from J. Crew Factory when they were having a 50% off sale.  The website suggested them when I was checking out and I threw them in my cart on a whim. Turns out they’re probably my favorite thing from my order. And since when I was walking home from The Limited last night and my left ankle started to hurt from wearing heels all day I knew I wanted to wear flats to the office today.

The outfit just moved up from there. A blazer so I would look semi-professional. The striped shirt because I like stripes. And finally I remembered I hadn’t worn my Vividly scarf yet so I tossed that on. The colors on the scarf aren’t as vibrant as I would have liked but I suppose that makes it look less clownish.

Speaking of bright and clownish (gotta love my transitions), I’m leaving for a conference in Las Vegas on Sunday so next week I’ll be sharing a post on what I packed, my October shopping summary (including my two new purchases from last night’s Limited 50th Anniversary Celebration) and, of course, the post where you get to vote for your favorite outfit of October!

In the mean time, you can find me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

Other ways I’ve worn this blazer



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Red Hot Sparkles

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

Red blouse, gray dress pants, rhinestone necklace, Chicago office style


Blouse – Express (similar) | Pants – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Gabriella Rocha via (similar) | Necklace – JF&A Show (similar)

I actually wore this outfit yesterday and it’s the first time I’ve ever tucked something into these pants. I ended up liking this outfit quite a bit. It’s another case of two simple pieces being combined with accessories and texture to make the outfit more interesting. The pants have a slight glittery aspect to them and this necklace always takes an outfit up a notch.

On another note, tonight I’m going to a 50th Anniversary celebration at The Limited in Chicago and as of this writing I have no idea what I’m wearing. If you’ve read this blog longer than a week you know that a good chunk of my wardrobe is from The Limited and I want to wear items from there to the celebration. But trying to decide what, exactly, to wear is hurting my brain! Hopefully I’ll have it figured out soon and can share some photos from the event with you later.  I hear there will be champagne….

Other ways I’ve worn these pants and this blouse

Red blouse outfits, gray pants outfits1/2/3/4

Nine Faux Leather Items for Under $40

Shopping · You Pick Wednesday


One of the biggest trends for this fall and winter is faux leather accents on just about everything. And one of the ways you know a trend such as faux leather is going mainstream is when you can find amazing items incorporating the trend at stores like Target. And Target is really hitting it out of the park this fall with their faux leather accented items with every single item shown here being under $40.

Every time I go to Target I do at least one pass through the clothing section and drool over the items that I don’t NEED in my closet but that I really, really want. So, here’s some window shopping that will hopefully satisfy my current craving for paneled faux leather leggings or a blazer with faux leather sleeves.

Or, you know, if you’re looking for a Christmas or birthday gift for me, I’ve already done your shopping for you.


Clockwise from the upper left-hand corner:

Pants| Jacket | Dress | Blazer | Dress | Pants| Jacket | Leggings| Dress


Nanook of the North

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

faux_fur_vest_plaid_shirt 007

faux_fur_vest_plaid_shirt 014faux_fur_vest_plaid_shirt 016


Shirt – J. Crew (similar) | Skirt – The Limited (same) | Vest – Poshmark (similar) | Tights – Banana Republic (similar) | Booties – Liz Claiborne via DSW (similar) | Belt – Target (same)

Comments I’ve gotten today on my faux fur vest and plaid shirt outfit include “Nice vest!” “You look very ‘Nanook of the North today.” and “Cute vest!” I’m going to go with the idea that the Nanook comment was a compliment. Turns out this is the perfect outfit for the first day with temperatures hovering around freezing while I wait for the train. My core is nice and toasty therefore the rest of me feels just fine.

I recently purchased this skirt from The Limited and even though it’s described on their website as a “mini” it hits me at a perfect length. I bought it a size larger than normal so that it would sit lower on my hips and I suppose it also helps that I’m only 5’4”. But I have long legs! So, if you’re eying this skirt (which is currently on sale) and thinking it might be too short, I’m here to say it’s probably not. And, as you can see, it totally dresses up a Nanook of the North outfit.

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Patterns and Textures

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

Tan sweater with plaid pants, pearls, and nude shoes

tan_sweater_plaid_pants 013tan_sweater_plaid_pants 016

Sweater – Gap (similar) | Collared shirt – Collide Boutique (similar) | Pants – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino (similar) | Necklace – JF&A Show (similar)

Sometimes an outfit is all about the patterns and the textures of the items in it. Take, for example, today’s Inspiration Monday photo:


Click picture to see full image

Her sweater is textured, her jacket is plaid, and if you zoom in you can see that her leggings are quilted. If she’d worn all creams and browns with no texture or pattern this outfit would look rather drab. But by adding the visual interest of patterns and textures it’s more interesting.

I tried to keep my earth-toned outfit interesting with the collared shirt (which is actually sleeveless because I sometimes dislike the bulkiness of layering a regular button-up under a sweater), the plaid pants, and the pearls. Overall it’s still a simple outfit but it’s perfect for a chilly fall Monday morning in the office.

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The Great Cargo Vest Swap

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

Old Navy cargo vest, purple sweater, jeans, burgundy suede kitten heels, scarf, belt. Perfect for a Chicago fall!


Cargo Vest – Old Navy via Librarian for Life & Style (similar) | Cardigan as a sweater – The Limited (similar) | Jeans – The Limited (similar) | Belt – The Limited (similar)| Scarf – gift (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino via DSW (similar)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had ordered an Old Navy cargo vest (the one linked above) but that I wasn’t sure it was the right fit for me. I even posted a picture on Facebook asking for opinions. See, I knew which vest I wanted. It’s the one that Jen from Librarian for Life & Style had been wearing for a year and it made me drool over how cute it was every single time. Sadly, the new one from Old Navy was just too long on me.

But, wait! Jen is taller than me! She suggested we try swapping them and lo and behold the swap worked! My new one was the right length on her taller frame and her shorter one was great on my short self.

So, in homage to Jen and her amazing vest that is now mine (!!) I present you my recreation of one of Jen’s cargo vest outfits.


 Click here for Jen’s original outfit

And now I have my very own cargo vest that I am so excited to wear! So, thank you, Jen for suggesting this swap. I will do my best to make your vest proud.

P.S. This is the same cardigan I wore last Friday! Can you tell? I’m only telling you this so I can link up with AJ and her Friday Remix series.

Stripes and Florals

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall · Style Imitating Art

striped_shirt_floral_skirt 006



Blouse – The Limited via Poshmark (similar) | Skirt – LOFT via Poshmark (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino via Macy’s (same) | Necklace- c/o ONecklace (use code GIFT for 10% off)

So many things to mention today! But first, let’s talk about why I’m wearing stripes and florals. As my husband said when I got dressed this morning, “Aren’t stripes and florals together a no-no?” Well, maybe they were once but not so much any more! Although, the reason I decided to recreate this pin was because I got some extra inspiration. From a painting. From 1914.


After the Meeting” – chosen by Salazar for this week’s Style Imitating Art challenge

Yellow is probably one of my least favorite colors so instead of trying to match the colors I decided to match the patterns. Hence the stripes and florals. And then, of course, I had to add my new necklace! Those of you on Instagram and Facebook saw it last week but I wanted to share it with the rest of you. The necklace was gifted to me by ONecklace although I got to choose any style I wanted. I love that they have more “modern” looking versions of the monogram necklaces that were really popular last year. Of course, they have the traditional ones, too, but they so many more additional options. And the many of the silver ones (including mine)  are under $30 with free shipping! Of course, they also have gold. Great for yourself or as a gift, right?

Finally, this week is the Third Thursday Threads Link-Up at Work Clothes, I Suppose and the theme menswear-inspired outfits. But since I don’t own oxfords and I wore my most menswear-esque piece last week (my sleeveless blazer vest) I’m just going to go with the fact that I’m wearing a button-up shirt. Yeah.  I mean, we probably stole that from men, right?

P.S. I HATE that I had to wear hose/tights because it finally got chilly outside. Looking at this outfit I think the black hosiery is too heavy for the outfit. Probably should have gone with nude. Also, I think I’m going to get this top tailored so that it’s not so boxy. I love the stripes, just don’t love the fit as much as I could.

The Bonfire Wines Launch and a Cheeky Chicago Birthday

About Me

Last week I pretended to be an awesome socialite and went to two, count ‘em, TWO evening events in the city!

The first was the Bonfire Wines Launch Party at The Grid last Wednesday evening.

Bonfire Wines Launch Party Chicago

Bonfire Wines invited me to attend for free and overall it was a fun time. Free wine will always get me in the door. I tried both the red and the white, named Ember and Ignite, respectively, and both were good and slightly sweet. If you don’t like dry wines then these wines are for you! Another unique aspect of Bonfire is that the wines come in pouches instead of bottles or boxes. Perfect for packing if you need to take wine on a little trip, right?

Next, Jill from HOT PINK Style invited me to come with her to the Cheeky Chicago Birthday Party. I follow Cheeky Chicago on Twitter and they are always announcing great new deals and partnerships around the city so I knew this was going to be a good time. And since $20 got you drinks, desserts, a goody bag, and a fashion show from LOFT I didn’t want to miss it.

Cheeky Chicago Birthday Party

The drinks were amazing (go buy Vanilla Cinnamon Bailey’s STAT), the company lovely (In addition to Jill I also hung out with Samosa Pop, Hallways Are My Runways, and Stylish and Scatterbrained) and the fashion show intriguing. The goody bag was filled with food (um, okay) and the desserts were few and far between, but there was also a photo booth and a free make-up touch-up station so all in all it was a well-done event.

Of course, this meant that by Friday I was pretty wiped out. Still, to feel like a social butterfly for a few nights was fun! The crazy thing is that you could literally go to an event (or multiple events) every night in Chicago. I don’t see myself become that much of a party animal, but you never know!