The 7×7 Remix Begins

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

tweed_pants_faux_leather_top 1

faux_leather_top tweed_pants_faux_leather_top 2

Top – Express (same) | Pants – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Via Spiga via Lohmann’s (similar) | Necklace – Dreaming Leo Designs (similar) | Cardigan – The Limited (similar)

Good morning! I have so many things to write about this week including my thoughts on Social Media Week Chicago, my first Midwest Style Blogger brunch, and the fact that I’m participating in Ma Nouvelle Mode’s 7×7 Remix!

I’m not going to write about ALL of those things today, though. Today I’m going to give you a tease of the 7×7 remix. What is it? Well, the challenge is to take 7  pieces of clothing (shoes and accessories don’t count) and make 7 outfits. Seriously.


This was actually much more difficult for me than I had anticipated. Mainly because I had to incorporate a lot of different aspects.

First, I wanted to participate in this week’s Inspiration Monday challenge.

kate_beckinsale Click on the picture to see the full inspiration outfit

Black and white pants, some leather, a black top, black pointed shoes? This is right up my alley! Especially since I just got this faux leather shell from Express. It’s adorable but it runs really small and you’ll definitely need a racerback bra to wear it, FYI.

Also, tomorrow’s Trend Spin is dresses and skirts so I needed to included at least one of those. And then, of course, I wanted to include both work and weekend looks.


So, I hope you’ll stick around this week so you can get all the details on each of the seven outfits and hear my stories from Social Media Week and blogger brunch!

P.S. I know. I cheated. If you count the cardigan I’m wearing today and my (faux) leather moto jacket I have 9 pieces. But I’m counting them as accessories. So there.

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17 replies on “The 7×7 Remix Begins

  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Do you think wearing the same pair of pants and six different tops counts as remixing seven pieces? That’s how I tend to approach these sorts of things. Haha. But I’m excited to read more about this remix as the week goes on! I’m especially intrigued by the fourth picture, since it looks like you’re wearing a skirt over a dress?? So creative!

  2. Anne

    I like the idea of those challenges – I actually did the 30×30 challenge a couple times a few years back. At first, it’s a lot of fun to come up with new ways to wear your clothes, but by the end I just got so sick of my 30 pieces! And I kind of felt like some other participants were really phoning it in at times. Okay, I probably was too.

    And at this point, I have so many clothes that don’t get worn, my goal is to wear more items, not less. But it’d probably be good for someone who, you know, actually leaves their house for work every day 🙂

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I think the 7×7 is a great way to think if you’re going on vacation or need to pack for a work trip. Day to day, though? Some of these outfits felt like a bit of a stretch! I thought about doing 30×30 but after seeing how much work this was I don’t know if I could do it!

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  5. Natalia

    I’m with you, the cardigan and jacket don’t count – they’re accessories. If you can’t wear them by themselves and have it be okay, then it doesn’t count. You wouldn’t go out in just a jacket? 🙂

    These are great! I think you did a great job incorporating all the things you wanted to! Thanks for linking up!

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  7. Agi

    Thank you so much for linking up and taking the time to get this post ready. Love that burgundy top. Gorgeous. Great for Fall. I also host a weekly link up called Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up. Stop by and say hi.


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