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Social Media Week Is Eating My Life

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I had a great idea for a post for today that involved you weighing in on whether or not I should keep the Old Navy cargo vest I ordered but I just didn’t have time to put it together. Why? Social Media Week. I’m lucky enough to have a job with a boss that fully embraces professional development. As such, in between doing my day job, attending a board meeting for my running club, putting in appearances at social events, creating and scheduling the communications for my professional organization, and planning my booth for an upcoming employee training faire I’ve been attending as many Social Media Week events as possible. Some have been great and others not so great. Still, I’m incredibly thankful I have the flexibility to attend even if it means my life is not really my own this week.

And for those of you that aren’t able to attend? I believe there are some live-streaming events and some that may be available after the week is over at socialmediaweek.org.  I’ll also be putting up a post next Wednesday with my thoughts and the best things I learned.

So, stay tuned!