Three Outfits, One Photo

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

J. Crew Navy Schoolboy blazer, Target tan pencil skirt, Gap polka dot blouse

J. Crew Navy Schoolboy blazer, polka dot blouseBlazer – J. Crew (same) | Blouse – Gap (similar) | Skirt – Target (same) | Necklace – (similar) | Shoes – Anne Klein (similar)

I had two ways to go this Monday using Two Birds’ Inspiration Monday photo:


My first thought was I’d wear my navy pencil skirt, the same polka dot blouse, and my camel blazer. But I just picked up this tan pencil skirt at Target over the weekend and thought, well, why not just swap the colors around?

So I kept the polka dot blouse and the black shoes but put the brown on the bottom and the blue on the top. Of course, now I want to wear the other outfit, too! Look, two outfits, one inspiration photo! I love it when that happens.

Of course, if I had an awesome brown moto jacket like the one pictured I would recreate this outfit exactly. So I suppose that’s three outfits in one photo.

This particular color combination of navy and khaki almost reminds me of a school uniform. But do school uniforms let you wear fun polka dot shirts? Probably not. Although, I never had to wear a school uniform so maybe I’m misinformed.

Did you ever have to wear a school uniform? What did it look like?


J. Crew Navy Schoolboy blazer, Gap polka dot blouse, Target khaki pencil skirt, black heels, pearl necklace

12 replies on “Three Outfits, One Photo

  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Never had to wear a school uniform myself, but man, that was like our go-to when we wanted to make fun of our rival schools when I was younger. There were three Catholic grade schools that fed into the one local Catholic high school, and since that high school and my high school were rivals, in middle school we considered all of those grade schools to be our “rival.” No matter the outcome of any of our games against those teams, we always reassured ourselves with, “Yeah, well, at least WE don’t have to wear uniforms.” This was also how we handled losses to other various small private schools in the area that required uniforms. 7th grade B team basketball: the DEFINITION of serious athletics. Hahahahaha.

  2. Kate

    I never had a school uniform, but I feel like the lack of an emblem keeps it from being too uniform-y. Also, light khaki makes me think of uniforms more than tan does… at least any school uniform I’ve ever seen in person had khaki in it. TV school uniforms are another story, though. I feel like those always have plaid in them.

    Regardless, I like how you were able to come up with multiple outfits using one inspiration photo!

  3. Marionberry Style

    Haha…I DID have to wear a school uniform and it consisted of a navy/red plaid skirt and a white collared blouse. I actually kinda loved it! But I don’t think this looks too uniform-y…the polka dots definitely make it more fun.
    xo – Marion

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