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Favorite Outfit of August

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

Time once again to vote for your favorite outfit from August! But you may also be wondering what my favorite outfit was during the month of August.

I definitely wore some fun pieces (including all my colored pants!) and wore some items in ways I hadn’t though to wear them before (peplum with pants, mint and red) so choosing one favorite is difficult. So I think my favorites (yes, I’m picking two) are:

blush_shirt_navy_skirt-006-crop.jpg striped_tank_top_cobalt_blue_pants-006-crop.jpg











Although, to be honest, the red pants and mint cardigan were a close runner-up. But I really liked the neutral color palate of the blush, navy and white outfit as well as the silhouette. It really speaks to my love of tailored and classic outfits. Plus, I think this outfit is attainable for just about anyone. As for the striped shirt with the cobalt blue pants, I just really ended up loving these two items together. Plus with the blue necklace it’s monochromatic without making me look like a Smurf. A great example of how wearing several pieces from the same color family can look classy.

So, tell me, which one is YOUR favorite? Remember, you should be able to click on each photo to go to the full outfit post.

What is your favorite outfit from August 2013?

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