Transition from Summer to Fall with Faux Leather

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CAbi Fleather Pieces for Fall 2013

A friend of mine, Holly, is a representative for CAbi which is personal shopping experience that features a new line up of items every season. CAbi recently released their Fall 2013 pieces and I am admittedly lusting after many of them. High on my radar, though, are these faux leather items, all of which are under $100. CAbi calls them “fleather” which I think is just the cutest name I’ve ever heard.

Appropriately, this week’s IFB Project is to show off your leather looks for summer. The best part about these three CAbi pieces is that they can easily be worn now and then transitioned into fall. Proof? Read on.

CAbi fleather skater skirt for both summer and fall


Skirt| Blouse | Belt | Sandals | Cardigan | Wedges | Earrings

CAbi fleather shell styled for both summer and fall looks

Shell | Left necklace | Right necklace | Skirt | Blouse | Pants | Black shoes | Silver shoes


Skirt | Blouse | Sandals | Earrings | Tank | Blazer | Heels

The key to wearing leather (or faux leather) in the summer? Pairing it with lightweight tops, summery patterns, strappy shoes, and bright colors. I currently only own one faux leather item (a burgundy pencil skirt) that needs to get back into my outfit rotation soon. In fact, these awesome outfits have inspired me to wear it next week. Stay tuned!

Would you wear faux leather in the summer? Which of the above is your favorite outfit?

Note: I did not receive any compensation for writing this post. I just think Holly is pretty awesome and wanted to share her with you. If you are interested in purchasing any of the CAbi items, you can email her at for your own personal shopping experience.

17 replies on “Transition from Summer to Fall with Faux Leather

  1. Suburban Style Challenge

    Big of these looks! I wouldn’t think to wear leather in the summer, but the one with the light floral top? I have the makings for that and will be giving it a shot soon! 🙂 Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Anne

    I don’t do leather/faux leather, but I really like the idea of a summer-to-fall transition post! Can you do that with more summery items (or have you?(? Like summer dresses or skirts maybe?

  3. Holly

    I love your combinations! Especially the ones with the Owens skirt – but I AM partial to that item. 🙂 Also, thanks for the shout out!

      1. Holly

        Yes, and I ordered it in my size as well! It’s been gloomy and not skirt weather this past week though. It will get a turn soon!

  4. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Fall? Don’t even say that evil word! Because after fall comes…you know, winter.

    I really love the idea of calling faux leather fleather, it’s much cuter sounding. I also really love that “fleather” shell top, I’ve been looking for a leather shell for a while and it’s almost impossible to find a regular one that isn’t a peplum or something trendy like that.

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