This Leopard Print Has More Spots

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer



Cardigan – Nordstrom Rack (similar) | Shirt – Old Navy (similar) | Skirt – NY & Co (similar) | Necklace – J. Crew via Poshmark (similar) | Heels – TJ Maxx (similar) | Bracelet – Gorjana (same)

Yes, yes, I know I just wore this leopard top recently but I figured that wearing it again today was perfect. Why? Because not only is today’s Trend Link-Up animal prints but it’s also One Piece Many Ways at Putting Me Together. And since I can pair this top with just about anything in my closet I’m wearing it again today. And reposting my graphic of 8 other ways I’ve worn it.


Leopard goes great with both other neutrals (white, tan, black) and with brights (blue, green, pink). In fact, considering that I love pairing my leopard heels with pink or this pink necklace with this leopard top that it’s taken me this long to put it with my pink pencil skirt. Definitely a “duh” moment. See, this is why it’s not a bad thing to have multiple types of items in colors that you like. Like pink? Then it’s okay to have a pink skirt, pink blazer, and pink necklace in your closet. You can mix and match them with one others items, in this case leopard print, and have a multitude of outfits for all seasons.

30 replies on “This Leopard Print Has More Spots

  1. Salazar

    I never thought a leopard print blouse would be versatile, but what do I know, my only experiments with animal prints are in accessories because I’m not brave enough. This may have changed my mind!

  2. Kate

    I love your looks! I have this same top, except in the black/white (snow leopard) print. I really now wish I would have bought the one you have!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Was just trying to think if I even had anything metallic…and then I remembered a shirt I have with metallic polka dots. I know what I’m wearing now!

  3. Ashley

    You have definitely gotten some great wear out of that top! I love that it is so great for work and I especially like it with the green pants!

  4. Jessica

    wow, total proof at how versatile leopard print can be! Gotta say, love it all the ways, but with that pink skirt might just take the cake!
    Thank you for joining the Trend Spin: Animal Print link-up. So happy to have found your blog!

  5. Brynn

    Erin, I LOVE this outfit! I forget how wonderful leopard looks with colorful pieces, as well. I never thought to pair it with such a bright, beautiful pink like your skirt! Adding that to my “to try” list… 🙂

  6. Katie of Alaskan Weredork


    I love seeing how versatile leopard is when you post your outfits, you always inspire me to break out my leopard shirt again. (The poor thing would lounge forgotten in the back of the closet if it wasn’t for you and your awesomeness.) This is one of my favorites though, the pink is so unexpected! I say this everytime, you do such great color pairings, I really wouldn’t have thought to pair leopard with pink, it’s very sweet and non-vampy looking.

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