Daily Archives: July 3, 2013

June Shopping Summary



1. The Limited Red Tweed Moto Jacket – $20 (same) (similar)

2. The Limited Lace Ankle Pants – $20 (similar) (seen here)

3. Swirlgear Running Top – $24.50 (same) (use code 945 for free shipping on all Swirlgear items!)

4. Swirlgear Running Top – $24.50 (same)

5. Hobie Swimsuit – Gift (top) (bottom)

Total: $89

Remember those two short sleeved sweaters I bought in May that I couldn’t decide about? Well, I decided to return them to The Limited. But, as always, any time I go into The Limited I have to look around. And this time I hit the jackpot! For $7 less then the cost of those two sweaters I got the tweed jacket and the lace pants! The tweed jacket is something I’d been coveting and the lace pants were an impulse purchase but I can tell already that they are going to be a wardrobe staple this summer. I think these were the better buy.

As for the running shirts, I didn’t NEED them, but as part of my Viagra soft tabs uk I get a discount on their items. So, here they are in my closet. And I currently have some inventory at home that I might shop from this month.  Just, you know, one more shirt. That I can wear for trapeze!

And the swimsuit? My mom generously purchased it for me after my favorite swimsuit committed suicide during vacation.

Spending a week on vacation where I sat in the sun and read books all day was pretty nice for my wallet. Not much shopping in June and that’s perfectly alright with me. My goal for July? Keep up my low-key shopping but try and check out the Goodwill store closest to my apartment. I’ve never been much of a thrifter but I’ve heard good things about this one so who knows?

Are you hoping to hit up any Fourth of July sales? I’m trying to avoid them but if you’re not then Laura at Laura Wears keeps a great list of sales and sales codes! Or see Penny Pincher Fashion’s list of sales.