Five Summer Hats That Aren’t Baseball Caps

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When I asked on Facebook for questions my fans wanted answered, one of my readers (and long-time friend) asked:

I’m tired of wearing baseball caps out (unless I’m running) but still want to keep the sun out of my face…. Just please don’t say “fedoras,” I’d feel like a poser.

So, in response, I picked 5 summer hats from Target (because, really, who doesn’t love Target).  One “cowboy” style hat, two floppy hats, one traditional sun hat, and one conductor style hat.

If you’re transitioning from a baseball cap I think the conductor hat is probably the closest match if you don’t feel comfortable jumping right to a floppy hat or a cowboy-style hat. Personally, my summer hat is a purple floppy one that I bought at a boutique in Michigan.


And if you don’t like my hat picks, here are a few more summer hat posts that might inspire you more.

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And a few other bloggers who keeps hats on constant rotation as part of their accessories:

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12 replies on “Five Summer Hats That Aren’t Baseball Caps

  1. Dee!

    My pick is always a floppy hat. They are so feminine and always remind me of the glamour of the Kentucky Derby or Ascot. Yet they are casual enough for a flea market. They frame the face and emphasize the eyes, and possibly most important, they are FUN!

  2. Anne

    Fedoras are like skinny jeans for me – it took me a LONG time to come around to them, but once I found one that worked, I love them. I like all of these choices! But I’m curious, when do you wear hats other than to the beach?

    1. Rae

      thank you for all the suggestions! I went to Target & got a straw cloche. I may change out the band for something more me (less red & fake leather), but I’m excited to wear it out!

    2. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I SHOULD wear mine to outdoor festivals or any time I’m going to be outside in the sun (and not working out) but I’m bad and typically only wear mine to the beach. But I know other people are more sun-conscious than I am!

  3. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    I’ll sheepishly admit that all I use to wear was baseball hats in the summer. They’re just about the perfect hat, aside from the whole giving you hat hair and being unfashionable thing. I’m always loosing my sunglasses though and I’ve found hats to be a pretty good replacement for shading the eyes. (Phew! Great for staying a little cooler in the heat as well.) I really like the little straw boat hats, they’re not as “hipster” looking as the fedoras and they can work with pretty much any outfit. I really like the fishing hat on the bottom, that’s really cute, as is your purple hat, its a great look for you!

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