Four Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt to the Office

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Say hello to Anne from Anne Really Blogs! She does her own occasional style posts (along with posts about yummy recipes, travel, her dogs, fitness, and much more) but recently she asked me for help with ways to wear her new GAP maxi skirt to work.


GAP Striped Maxi Skirt



I’ve worn my own maxi dresses to work (sometimes even turning them into skirts) but I admit that this time I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. So here are my takes on four different ways you can make your maxi skirt work for the office.


Black and white striped maxi skirt with gold accessories


Shirt | Shoes |Belt | Similar Necklace |Similar Earrings


Neon cardigan with striped maxi skirt

Cardigan | Shirt | Necklace | Shoes



Striped Maxi Skirt with Coral Top and Black Blazer


Blazer | Shirt | Clutch | Shoes

Striped maxi skirt with white top, obi belt, and statement necklace

Shirt | Belt | Shoes | Anne’s own necklace!


Key takeaways?  Here are three.

1. Avoid flat sandals. They make it look like you’re going to the beach.

2. Pair the skirt with some “lux” accessories. Faux (or real) leather belts, shiny jewelry, and non-cotton tops are all good choices.

3. Wear something more structured, like a blazer or a waist belt to give you some shape and decrease the casual factor.


Do you have a maxi skirt or dress? How do you like to wear it?

For more maxi skirt inspiration, head over to Marionberry Style. Her trend of the month is maxi skirts!


22 replies on “Four Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt to the Office

  1. Kandi

    This is helpful! I have a maxi skirt and I’m considering getting another but I don’t always feel comfortable in it at work (I’ve worn it a few times, mostly on casual Fridays).

  2. Valerie @ The Style Files

    I love these looks! Now I kinda want a maxi skirt to try to replicate these looks (in fact, I just returned my one and only maxi dress because I just wasn’t feeling it looked right on me…the hunt is on for another maxi of some kind!)

  3. kelsey

    omg Loop Looks THANK YOU for writing this!! I have been trying to figure out how I can wear my maxi skirt to work! Loop Looks to the rescue again!

  4. Anne

    Thank you for putting this together! I especially love that you included my thus-far difficult to style necklace in one of the outfits!

    I actually wore said maxi skirt today for a work from home lunch date. It was a pretty casual outfit, so I’m excited to try dressing it up!

  5. Emily

    Terrific tips! I only have one maxi skirt, and I’ve definitely learned that it helps to wear heels and some classic jewelry with it to dress it up. On a tangential note, is it bad that I do enjoy wearing the maxi skirt more so because while wearing it I don’t have to worry about crossing my legs when I’m sitting? It’s all about comfort, LOL.

  6. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Hats, now maxi skirts? You must be reading my mind! 🙂

    I love maxis for winter and summer, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never worn one in a manner that would be appropriate for an office, so it was fun to read through this! I love how you dressed up these, I really like the last outfit and the obi belt.

  7. blessing

    I love the combination,they are so on-point. I have one issue though,my maxi skirt is a combination of purple,black and blue,what colour of top and accessories can match it? Thanks.

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