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Crazy Cat Prints: Dos and Don’ts

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A few months ago I saw a shirt on Fran and emailed the link to my friend Kim with the subject “Classy cat shirt”.  Kim is a HUGE cat person so I thought she needed some cat clothes.

cat bow tieNo, not like that. Like this:

Gap-Boyfriend-Cat-Shirt-Navy, cat print


We have a ongoing joke about ugly cat shirts and how I believe they should not be allowed outside of your house. Ever.

Ugly cat print t-shirts

(Although, to be honest, the top right one isn’t half bad)


So, of course, Kim was excited that there was actually a Loop Looks approved cat print shirt. Which means when I asked for “You Pick” posts for this week while I’m on vacation, she immediately responded asking for more Crazy Cat Lady-friendly yet office-appropriate cat print clothing items.  Believe it or not, they were easier to find than you’d think. This first one I actually saw being worn by Sarah’s Real Life!


Anthropologie Printmaker Shirt

Carousel Animal Print Shirt

Other Items

It helps that fun prints such as cats, birds, household objects, and other animals are trending right now. The key, though, is to keep the print small or in just one or two colors.

Cat print dresses no one should wear

Cat print dresses from Dorothy Perkins

Dress One | Dress Two

Other Items

Three cat print blouses that can be worn to work

Shirt One | Shirt Two | Shirt Three

Other Items


Would you wear a cat print shirt? Are you a cat person or a dog person?

P.S. If you want to see actual photos of my outfit from last Monday, they’re up at Work Your Wardrobe along with my tips on how to incorporated printed pants in to your wardrobe if you’re scared of looking like a clown.

(Full disclosure: I am a dog person all the way)

38 replies on “Crazy Cat Prints: Dos and Don’ts

  1. Anne

    Obviously I’m a dog person, but I don’t know about dog print clothing. Some of these cat prints are surprisingly subtle! The dresses are especially cute. I think I remember seeing a similar cat print dress on eShakti a while back, so crazy cat prints might actually be trending.

    And I especially like Kim pairing cat with a denim jacket – looks like someone read last week’s denim jacket post 🙂

  2. Kandi

    I’m definitely a dog person!
    Ever since Kim posted about the acceptable crazy cat lady prints I’ve seen a few people sporting them. I always think of her when I see them.

  3. Emily

    HILARIOUS!!! But your tips about cat-stylishness are right on the money, in my opinion. =) I don’t own anything cat-themed… but I do have to say that back in my childhood days, I owned a lot of ugly holiday-themed sweaters (that’s a topic for a whole other time, LOL).

    Hope you are having a fantastic vacation!

  4. kilax

    Yay! Love the post! Especially the enthusiastic “YES!” and “NO!”s. Ha!

    So. Some of those “no” shirts are okay… if you don’t leave the house in them? Hee hee.

    I can’t believe how many cat prints are out there! Ahh! I think the American Apparel one is my fave (despite the model on the page looking so displeased). Let me know if you need any sizes for my birthday. JUST KIDDING!!!

    Thanks for all the ideas! I really like the multicolor one too. And all the “no” ones. KIDDING!

  5. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Hahahaha this is fabulous. So many of those yes prints are so subtle that I probably wouldn’t even notice the person was wearing cats in passing (unlike a couple of those no prints, where there is no QUESTION that they have a cat on their clothes). I do love dogs very very much, but I’m not entirely sure I’d want to wear them on my shirt. Although with the amount of dog hair any of my clothes that have ever been in the vicinity of my dog pretty much makes it like I’m wearing an actual dog 😛

  6. Mrs. Jones

    I’m new to your blog and just found it today, but I’ve already added you on Blog Lovin’! So many great ideas, and this post just had me giggling in the office! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sarah

    I like your yes outfits. Very cute. I’m still a little bit afraid of the animal graphics but I do like them on other people.

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  9. Mica

    Aha! I find ugly cat print things all the time and send them to Kim and say, “Do you think Erin would approve of this?” I love this post!

    I actually have a (small!) dog-print dress that I wear all the time from Anthro. I think it looks classy, but then again, maybe you can’t tell it’s dogs until you’re right up close to me.

  10. Miranda

    I am cat-obsessed so I am totally loving all of your picks here! I loved that shirt on Sarah as well! I think my fave is the black and white bow blouse on the bottom left. How cute is that?!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Hahaha, I asked my friend Kim to send me pics of her cat (Data….yes, he’s named for Data from Star Trek) in his clothes because they have lots of silly accessories for him. They even dress him up to go to the vet!

  11. Jenna Ericson

    Haha, I’m a dog person.

    But… I do love cats as well.

    I loved this post! Haha I think that sometimes the larger printed cat dresses can be wearable. There’s a time and place for sure. On a daily basis it’s much easier (and better imo) to aim for something similar to what you suggested.

    I could see something on your “no” list perhaps being worn to a music festival or something?

    Love that white sleeveless blouse, too!!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I do have a friend who has a ridiculous cat sweatshirt from Forever 21 that she wears when we have girls nights in at someone’s apartment. She swears its super comfy. I’ll give that a pass 🙂

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