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May Shopping Summary


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Ahh, The Limited gets me every time with their 40% off everything sales. In my defense, here’s why I bought the things I bought even after I said that I was going to keep with my shopping hiatus.

1. J. Crew Factory  Pink Gingham Shirt – $30.92 (same)

This is to replace my pink gingham shirt that bit the dust during my mechanical bull riding experience in Arizona.  I wore that shirt a lot so I’m thinking this one will get worn just as often, if not more since it’s a tad bit dressier.

2.  The Limited Black Top – $22.14 (same)

I’d been wanting a replacement plain black dressy short sleeved shirt to replace my black drape neck top that I bought at the Banana Republic outlet three years ago. This one from The Limited is a perfect replacement and I couldn’t pass up the price. When and if they go on sale again or they come out with more colors, I will be stocking up.

3. The Limited Pleated Skirt Cream – $20.99 (same)

Okay, admittedly, I don’t NEED more skirts, but I’m really trying to branch out from pencil skirts and I liked the length of this one. Plus, for just over $20 it was a steal.  And it’s a more neutral color than my other pleated skirt so I can wear it with more items already in my closet.

4. The Limited Gold Double Strand Curve Necklace – $14.94 (same)

Since I’m still growing my gold jewelry collection I’ve realized on more than one occasion that I don’t have a simple gold necklace. This fits the bill!

5. Flower & Pearl Necklace from Dreaming Leo Designs on etsy – $13.25

Total impulse purchase but for under $15 with shipping in colors that I love I decided it could be mine.

6. The Limited Red Sweater – $25.74 (same)

7. The Limited Black Sweater – $25.74 (same)

These two sweaters are the only iffy items of the bunch. I still can’t decide if I’m going to keep them or not.  The red one looks good with the new pleated skirt but I also have a red top I could wear it with already.  Thoughts?

8. Old Navy Maxi Dress – $20 (same)

I have three other maxi dresses but all of them are a bit more form fitting. I like this one because it’s more flow-y and will work even if I’m having a not-so-skinny-feeling day. This dress is definitely going on vacation with me this month!


Total – $173.72


I spent a bit more in May than I had planned and actually $23 more than I usually budget myself. Although, since I’m still undecided on the two sweaters from The Limited I might take those back and actually be just fine. But, I feel like almost all of my purchases were to replace items in my closet or fill holes that I had discovered now that the weather has gotten nicer.

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