The Best Chambray Shirt

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Shirt – Target (similar) | Belt – The Limited (similar) | Skirt – BCBG outlet (similar) | Shoes – Mia (similar) | Bracelet – JF&A Show (similar) | Necklace – NY&Co (similar)

Total outfit cost = $123

Today I  have a lunch meeting to meet a new department head so I decided to forgo my usual Friday Casual jeans and instead wear this pleated jersey skirt (with pockets!) with my very first chambray top. Today is the day to showcase your favorite Target score for Whitney and Heidi’s  “We Love Target” link-up.



I bought this chambray shirt almost two years ago off the clearance rack at Target. I don’t remember how much I paid for it but I do know it was probably my best Target purchase in awhile (other than my red trench coat that also came off the clearance rack).  Unfortunately the Target closest to my apartment – the one I can walk to – doesn’t have the best clothing section, clearance or otherwise, so I haven’t gotten any good deals recently.

This skirt, though, I bought in 2009 at an outlet mall in Napa, California for a song. It’s super comfy and has held up amazingly well for jersey material. It has a slightly casual feel to it but it’s also easy to dress up, as evidenced by the time I wore it to work with heels.

However, to keep with the Target love theme, the shirt, skirt, and shoes listed in the links above are all from Target! Because, really, who couldn’t use a black skirt, a chambray top, and a pair of red ballet flats?



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29 replies on “The Best Chambray Shirt

  1. kilax

    Target is the best! Bummer that the one close to your house doesn’t have that great of clothing selection! Is the one in the Loop kind of meh, too?

  2. kelsey

    I really wish the Target on State Street had shoes!

    As always, I don’t know how to dress myself…how do you get a belt to stay in the proper place without belt loops?!

  3. Anne

    I love this whole outfit! I bought a cute chambray dress from Target a couple summers ago, I’m guessing from the same line, and I’m pretty bummed that I had to give it away when I outgrew it last year. And what a cute skirt! I always love pockets 🙂

    I have 4 Targets within 2 miles of me, but always find the best clothes and clearance at the one by my office waaaaaay up in the ‘burbs!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I think the hardest thing about not spending a lot of money on clothing items is that when they don’t fit any more it feels wasteful to pay to get them tailored.

      1. Anne

        Exactly. Though last year I finally wised up and started buying mostly structured stuff just so I could get things taken in, but I still donated/gave away a lot of really nice clothes. But I guess it’s not the worst problem to have!

  4. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Today, in “Embarrassing Fashion Questions From Bethany:” what exactly is chambray? I know you wear it a lot, but it always just kind of looks like a denim-ish shirt to me. Which maybe it is…I wouldn’t really know!

    I’ve gotten so many cheap workout clothes at Target. I don’t think I’ve made a trip to Target in the past two years or so without looking at their clearance athletic wear, though I am pretty picky about what I buy (i.e.: if it’s more than $10, there’s no way I’m getting it. Haha).

  5. Salazar

    This is such a cute, classic look. And pockets on that skirt too! I’m a sucker for skirts and dresses with pockets.

  6. Emily

    It was so fun to go to trapeze with you this past Friday!!! You are positively FIERCE when it comes to trapezing. ROCK ON!!!

    Target is fantastic for affordable clothing and shoes. I got two of my favorite pairs of shoes (my nude heels and my leopard-print heels) from Target for such a great price. I love those red flats and the black skirt. Great mixture of textures and color!

  7. heidi

    i love this look, erin! thank you so much for joining our target link up last week. you definitely put together a really cute outfit and i love that it all came from target (many of my outfits do, too!).

  8. Brynn

    I used to have this shirt, and I LOVED it! I got rid of it, though, since I hate ironing (really, I only have ironed like 6 times in my life…) and the ruffles would get all wonky in the wash, requiring them to be ironed. And oftentimes, they wouldn’t lay right even when I did iron them. 🙁 You look wonderful in this outfit, though! That shirt fits you perfectly, and I love the swishiness (not a word, but you know what I mean) of your skirt!

  9. Katie

    It’s hard to find a really great chambray shirt that’s a decent price, fit and the fabrics doesn’t winkle like crazy. I’ve got one that I feel “eh” about right now but it’s going to have to work until I find a good one. I really like how your’s has the little bit of ruffle detailing around the neckline, it gives that shirt some character. And those red flats are perfect with the whole look!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I have this one and one from Old Navy (the polka dot one). This one fits better but since it doesn’t have a traditional collar it makes layering kind of difficult. There’s a part of me that wants to buy a third one but then I think “Do I REALLY need three chambray shirts??” But maybe I do 🙂

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