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Welcome to my jewelry stash! Would you believe that two years ago I wore the same earrings every day and only wore silver necklaces with small charms on them? Now look at this mess!

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Interestingly, I tend to buy jewelry from the same few places. So today I thought I’d share my favorite jewelry buying spots with you and a few places I bet you wouldn’t think to check.

JC Penney

My favorite floral statement necklace (on the far left in the photos above) is from JC Penney from their MixIt line. I’ve discovered that if you like J. Crew jewelry that JC Penney probably has something similar for much, much less. And since I refuse to pay a lot of money for trendy statement jewels, this is perfect.

The Limited

A ridiculous amount of my jewelry is from The Limited. But here’s the thing; their jewelry is totally overpriced for the quality. So never, ever buy anything full price. Wait for a 40% off sale or until you have a coupon and then grab the pieces you’ve been eyeing.

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New York & Company

Several of my go-to pieces, such as the teal crescent and the blue bubble-esque necklace in the center of the photos, are from New York & Company.  Much like The Limited, New York & Company has great sales (right now they are buy one get one free on all jewelry). They also have a good mix of trendy pieces and simpler items and almost everything is under $20.

House of Gemmes

My favorite black and silver bracelet is from House of Gemmes. It goes with everything and actually fits my doll wrists. However, most of their items will fit all sizes! They are slightly pricier than some of my other picks but you get a $15 coupon when you sign up for their email list. Plus, they have pretty good sales on a regular basis. And if you’re in Chicago you can go check them out in person on Saturday!


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JF&A Show

I’m a little hesitant to add this one because it’s really only valid for anyone who lives near Chicago. But, trust me, if you’re within a day’s drive and you LOVE accessories, this is your go-to event. Four times a year various vendors take over an area convention center and sell everything accessories related. I wrote about it when I went back in October but I still don’t think I gave you a good enough idea of how AWESOME this event is. Definitely sign up for their mailing list so you know when to mark your calendar.  My purple/gray bubble necklace, my rhinestone cluster necklace, my gray leather wrap bracelet and many, many more items that I wear regularly are from the JF&A Show. This is a must-see event for anyone interested in accessories.

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I do have jewelry from other places including etsy, Gorjana, Bauble Bar, and Macy’s but the five places listed above are my go-tos when I’m looking for  a new piece to add to my collection. Also, if you have an iPhone and you aren’t using Poshmark you need to get on that STAT. I’ve scored some killer jewelry deals via Poshmark (J. Crew necklaces and Stella & Dot earrings, to name two).  Use code HBAMM when you join and you’ll get $5 credit!


Where is your favorite place to buy jewelry?


And don’t forget, if there’s something you want to see or a question you’ve been wanting to ask, I’ll happily tackle it on a future You Pick Wednesday! Just ask away!


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24 replies on “Best Places to Buy Jewelry

  1. Kandi

    I used to only wear silver necklaces with small charms too (and still do a fair amount) but I’ve definitely branched out over the past two years. I now own a few statement necklaces that I love and am on the lookout for more. We stumbled across a Charming Charlie ( recently and I really like their selection. It was a bit overwhelming at first because they have so much but the prices are reasonable. I’ve also bought inexpensive jewerly at Forever 21 and Body Central.

  2. samantha

    without a doubt my favorite places are forever 21, h&m, and charming charlie. I always shop the sales at h&m and charming charlie, and although the quality supposedly isn’t in the best, I’ve never had anything break on me. So needless to say, I will keep shopping there until I have problems! 🙂

  3. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I loooooove jewelry. I’m so much more likely to buy jewelry (and accessories in general) than clothes. I really like Forever21 for dirt cheap jewelry, especially trendy stuff since it will likely go out of style right around the time it breaks 😉 . I was at Old Navy on Sunday and was REALLY impressed with their jewelry selection, actually. They had a ton of stuff and most if it was really cute and not too insanely expensive. It was also wonderfully organized, which I think is so helpful when you’re jewelry shopping for something specific.

  4. Amber

    Love these awesome tips! I will have to try and hit up that accessories show. I grew up about 45 minutes away from Chicago (on the Indiana side) and my parents still live up there. Looks like I can kill two birds with one stone 🙂

  5. Katie

    Sears is really killer for J.Crew knock offs and they have sales all of the time so most of their stuff is between $5-$17. (Usually pretty decent quality as well.) I usually shop either there, American Eagle for their little silver bangles, Icing for fun jewelry and then Garage sales and thrift stores are awesome for either finding fine jewelry or really pretty vintage. (It takes a while though, I almost never find stuff in the winter time this way but summer is great.)

    J.C.P does have really pretty stuff, I only get to visit that store when we go down to Anchorage but they have such good deals as well. I think that was smart to throw the trade shows out there, they’re not only a great place to find a wide variety but they’re really fun to go to!

    This is such a fun post, I always love getting to peek at other peoples jewelry boxes and see what they have, you flower necklace hanger is so pretty!

  6. Valerie @ The Style Files

    What a fun post! Yeah I refuse to pay full price for stuff at Loft, NY&CO, etc. but they always have coupons making for some cheap jewelry! And I am STILL oogling over your Gorjana leather wrap bracelet! I think I need to go to this JF&A Show too!

  7. kilax

    Awesome! You have such a big collection now! When did you get the storage drawer? For Christmas?

    I also like the Sears downtown. And I was going to say NY&Co, for sure! It’s funny you posted this today, because Carolyn and I were trying to remember the name of Gorjana and I was looking on your site for it. I made sure to pick out a few earrings I like and email them to Steven for suggestions 🙂

  8. Anne

    I had the same thing with minimal jewelry until maybe 5 years ago – I wore the same one or two necklaces. I’ve expanded on necklaces a lot, but I still mostly wear the same pair of earrings, and rarely venture into things like bracelets or rings.

    A bulk of my jewelry has come from New York & Co and the Limited, and the rest from 2 neighborhood boutiques (either me picking something up when I go to buy a card or something, or gifts). I’ve never thought about JC Penney for jewelry!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Bracelets are definitely new to me. Since I discovered wrap bracelets I’m more apt to wear them since they don’t bang against my keyboard like bangles do. As for rings, I wear the same ones every single day.

  9. Kelly @ Running Kellometers

    I love your selections here! I’ve gotten some of my favorite every day silver pieces from American Eagle. Sometimes they have some nice simple sterling silver pieces.

    Thanks to some inspiration from you, I’ve been branching out from my simple silver pieces to more statement jewelry (especially now that I’m knocked up). It is all about feeling chic and totally dressing the part even if I’m a bit less than confident in my new and changing body. I got a baubble necklace from Etsy and just recently purchased a flower necklace from GroopDealz. 🙂

  10. Emily

    I used to only wear one pair of silver earrings and one silver necklace all the time but now I am all about mixing things up with contrasting colors, sizes, and sparkles. =) JCP and NY & Co are two of my go-to places to buy jewelry – so diverse and so affordable! I also like Amazon and Simple Addiction.

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