10 Ways to Pair Red That Aren’t So Black and White

You Pick Wednesday

Last week I asked for You Pick Wednesday submissions on Twitter and Maggie responded by asking for ideas on how to wear red that don’t include wearing it with black and white. So today I give you 10 different colors you can pair with red that aren’t so black and white.


Color Pairing #1 – Red and Tan



red_pants_tan_sweater_plaid_shirtred pants with tan sweater



Color Pairing #2 – Red and Chambray



red blazer, chambray shirt, jeanschambray shirt with red jeans



Color Pairing #3 – Red and Lavender


lavender sweater, red shirt, white blazer, navy pantslavender shirt with red sweater



Color Pairing #4 – Red and Gray



red-sweater-gray-pants (1)gray sweater with red pencil skirt



Color Pairing #5 – Red and Gold


gold_tank_red_cardigan 001_editred dress with gold shoes



Color Pairing #6 – Red and Brown





Color Pairing #7 – Red and Mint


mint shirt, red lace skirtred jacket with mint jeans and hunter boots



Color Pairing #8 – Red and Navy



red_pants_polka_dots 006_croppednavy cardigan, red polka dot top, gray skirt



Color Pairing #9 – Red and Pink



red_pants_pink_top (5)image



Color Pairing #10 – Red and Leopard


imagered_pants_brown_leopard 007



Which color pairing is your favorite? Can you think of any others I left out?


37 replies on “10 Ways to Pair Red That Aren’t So Black and White

  1. Anne

    I like all of these, especially the leopard (I really like the teal necklace paired in that first red/leopard picture – unexpected, but it works)! The only ones I’d add are purple and yellow, but you basically covered that with lavender and gold.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I really want a teal bubble necklace but already own a grayish purple one and can’t really justify more than one since they’re such a statement piece. But it’s just so fun!

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Whenever I see red with any shade of purple, it always makes me think of those Red Hat Society ladies haha. I really like red with grey! I tend to wear black when I’m wearing grey, but red is a lot more interesting.

  3. Tiffany

    Love the Red with Lavender and Mint…I’ll definitely have to try both of those. It’s amazing how versatile such a bold color can be!

  4. Lisa Hamel

    In my world, red is practically a neutral, so I love all of your suggestions. ; )

    Two others I would recommend are red with royal or cobalt blue and red with kelly or grass green. I know red and green seems Christmas-ey, but they can also be perfect for spring (think red flowers & green leaves or grass). They are complimentary colors, so they really make each other pop.

  5. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Oh man, I can always count on your for the best color pairings. I am so going to wear my red dress with my brown boots tomorrow now that you gave me the idea for red/brown.

    I’m always iffy feeling on red and purple because I think of that one ladies group that does the big red and purple hats. (What is the group called? I forget every year.) But lavender and red? That sound really lovely and pretty, I’m going to have to play around with it now and try to be more adventurous!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I’m with you about red and traditional purple. But the lighter purple seems to tone it down and make it feel younger and spunkier.

      Are you planning to take pictures of the red dress with brown boots?

  6. SmartSavvyStyle

    What a fun post! I love the red and lavender! But all the color combos are great! I’m a fan of red and pink, but it always seems a little Valentine’s-y to me. I think the red and lavender would be a great alternative for spring! Thanks for sharing!
    – Heather

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Funny, because I don’t think I’ve ever worn red and pink together on Valentine’s Day! But I can totally see why that would bring that to mind. Kind of how red and green just scream Christmas to me.

  7. Brynn

    Oooh, I totally love this, Erin! For whatever reason, red is super hard for me…I only want to pair it with black or white! I love red + camel, red + leopard, red + navy, and red + chambray!! What a fantastic idea to feature how to pair colors with examples. 🙂


  8. Carrie

    Great post! For some reason I feel very confident pairing black with just about any color, but brown stumps me. (I know it’s a neutral, but I only feel comfortable pairing it with blue.) I will definitely have to try out red+brown and red+lavender! 🙂

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