Classy Jacket and Jeans

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Jacket – J.Crew via ebay (similar) | Shirt – The Limited (similar) | Jeans – Express via Poshmark | Shoes – MIA via Macy’s | (similar)

Today I am not in the office. I’m in the car headed to Urbana, Illinois to get ready to run 3.1 miles this evening and 26.2 miles tomorrow. But, I always feel better and more alive when I throw on a classy jacket with my jeans so even though I’m not going to the office I decided not to dress like a schlub.

I probably would wear this outfit to the office, though. A tweed jacket always classes up an outfit and this J. Crew one especially seems made to take a jeans and a shirt outfit to the next level.   Jill at Good Life for Less is the one who inspired me to purchase this jacket because I loved the way it made her simple outfits look amazing.

Oh, by the way, I also took Monday off work so my hope is to share my marathon outfit and story with you then. Fingers crossed it’s a good one!

Enjoy your weekend!

7 replies on “Classy Jacket and Jeans

  1. kelsey

    you look adorbs! I commend you for looking cute for a car ride! I typically wear jeggings and a tshirt-both of which are completely stretched out and unflattering by the end of the drive…

  2. Anne

    You’re running the 5k tonight too? If I wasn’t doing a 5k on Sunday morning, I would have too (but I’m not sure if I’d get a special medal for that only doing the relay – I’ll have to check into that for next year).

    Good luck tomorrow, I’m sure you’ll do great! I’ll look for you in the second half 🙂

    1. Anne

      as I think about it, do you know what wave you’re starting in? I think our anticipated time is about 4:15, but I’m slower than that pace group (my husband and his friend are planning their legs at 7:30-8:00, so they’ll make up for me!) so I’ll be in Wave F. Maybe I’ll see you before the race?

  3. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Good luck with the marathon Erin! I can’t wait to hear how it went for you and I hope your feeling okay after all of that running.

    This jacket is so pretty, it really looks amazing with the red shoes. The pattern is so low key that it seem like it’ll be a really easy item to integrate into your wardrobe. (It looks so classic with the striped top.)

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