March and April Shopping Summary




1. The Limited Striped Button Up Blouse via Poshmark – free with credits (similar) (seen here)

2. J. Crew Tweed Blazer/Jacket via ebay – $78 (similar) (same) (seen here)

3. Athleta Fitness Skirt – $11 after gift cards

4. The Limited Tie-Front Blouse via Poshmark – free with credits (similar)


Total – $89

Yes, seriously, I spent less than $100 over two months. Was it easy? Surprisingly, yes. I just stayed out of stores! And I didn’t really look online, either.

The J. Crew jacket was a splurge but considering I’d been eyeing it for months and I didn’t pay full price for it I’m not that broken up about it. I think it will last awhile, too.

Oh, I did buy a new pair of running shoes (these beauties in pink & green) but considering those are more of  a need than a want I don’t count them toward my monthly total.

As for shopping in May and beyond? Other than trying to figure out how to spend my $50 Sole Society credit I’m going to keep with my shopping hiatus. Nothing declarative, just really thinking about things before I spend money on them.  Although, if that pink gingham shirt at J. Crew Factory goes on sale then I’ll probably buy that. But that’s it!

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  1. Kandi

    I might get that fitness skirt! I realized that all my favorite running shorts/skirts have the leg grip stuff on them.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      This is my first one with grippy stuff and I’m excited to see how it does. I wore it on a 16 mile run and it was great. Wearing it for my marathon on Saturday!!

  2. Valerie @ The Style Files

    I love all these pieces- so cute! (And I’m crushing over your new shoes– I am a Saucony girl too! When I was professionally fitted, my first true pair of running shoes were Progrids. LOVE those!) And I’m super impressed with your discipline in clothing purchases. I’m already over budget this month 🙁 And I honestly don’t “need” some of the stuff I’ve gotten. I have plenty of clothes but for some reason I just like to get more UGH!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      When I discovered those shoes came in PINK I knew I had to have them. I think they’ll be short distance shoes and I’ll stick to my Asics for long distances, but I was so happy to finally have running shoes that weren’t white!

  3. Suburban Style Challenge

    Yea, I found that staying out of stores was the key to not shopping, haha. I didn’t buy myself anything in February, and found that impulse buying was almost non-existent in the months following. I did buy some stuff, but what I bought was stuff that I felt really worked in my closet and filled a void. Most of what I bought was thrifted, spare a couple accessories (2 pairs of earrings and a bracelet). I also did another huge closet purge, took some stuff to Plato’s, and have another clothing swap coming up.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Yes, staying out of the store and not looking online has helped a TON. Also, when I see something online or in a store I think “do I already have something similar?” Most of the time the answer is yes. That helps keep the impulse buying down.

      1. Suburban Style Challenge

        Yea… I’ve also been asking “can I make that or find something similar in thrift stores?” which has helped too. Not only does it have me spending less, but in the time it takes to find the right pieces, sometimes I realize I don’t actually want it or need it.

  4. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Wow, you did great with not shopping very much and the few thing that you did get are all things you love. Way to go with getting that j.crew jacket! All of mine are thrifted and they seem to really hold up well so I’m sure it’s going to be money well spent for you. I like you idea of only buying things you really love from now on, I’ve been trying to do the same thing and keeping to a list of the holes in my closet. (Heh, that staying out of stores is essential! Out of sight, out of mind.)

  5. Alyssa @ Don't Look Down

    I totally blew my whole april budget for everything. I bought a lot of running stuff that I’ve been eyeing for awhile. I just kept justifying it by saying that it was my birthday present. Now I have like 15 birthday presents from myself.
    I did get a striped blazer and a dress this month. I love both of them so I think they are good additions to my closet.

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