Daily Archives: April 24, 2013

March and April Shopping Summary




1. The Limited Striped Button Up Blouse via Poshmark – free with credits (similar) (seen here)

2. J. Crew Tweed Blazer/Jacket via ebay – $78 (similar) (same) (seen here)

3. Athleta Fitness Skirt – $11 after gift cards

4. The Limited Tie-Front Blouse via Poshmark – free with credits (similar)


Total – $89

Yes, seriously, I spent less than $100 over two months. Was it easy? Surprisingly, yes. I just stayed out of stores! And I didn’t really look online, either.

The J. Crew jacket was a splurge but considering I’d been eyeing it for months and I didn’t pay full price for it I’m not that broken up about it. I think it will last awhile, too.

Oh, I did buy a new pair of running shoes (these beauties in pink & green) but considering those are more of  a need than a want I don’t count them toward my monthly total.

As for shopping in May and beyond? Other than trying to figure out how to spend my $50 Sole Society credit I’m going to keep with my shopping hiatus. Nothing declarative, just really thinking about things before I spend money on them.  Although, if that pink gingham shirt at J. Crew Factory goes on sale then I’ll probably buy that. But that’s it!