Daily Archives: April 23, 2013

Blazing in Pink

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring



Blazer – H & M (similar under $35) | Blouse – The Limited via Poshmark (similar) | Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet (similar) | Shoes – Eric Michael (similar)


Full disclosure: this photo of me in a bright pink blazer on a sunny day was taken on Sunday. Because today? It’s raining. Again. Also, it is almost May and I’m still wearing hosiery. There is something really wrong with this.

Actually, you can be honest, there might be more wrong with this outfit than the fact that I still have to wear hose. For some reason (I think it’s because I’m currently “enjoying’” being a woman if you catch my drift) none of my clothes feel right this week. Probably a mistake to wear pencil skirts right now, huh? Ladies, can you commiserate?

And now that you’ve gotten way more information about me than you wanted you can go back to your regularly scheduled Tuesday. I’ll be over here tugging down my skirt and trying to figure out if I should unbutton my blazer or not. Thoughts?