April Showers Bring Drowned Flowers

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

Still catching up from being in Phoenix for the first part of the week.  I left this:


And came home to this:



Which is why for this week’s outfit photo you get office bathroom selfies! I wanted to participate in Bri’s Third Thursday Trend of florals but the only thing I own that has flowers on it is a scarf. This scarf, actually.


I originally had this on with gray dress pants but there was a button incident before I left for work and now those are in the repair pile.  Also, after my trip I had to say goodbye to my pink gingham shirt.

Turns out that this:


Leads to this:


RIP, pink gingham shirt. I will mourn you and then I will replace you. The question is, do I go with this one from J. Crew Factory or do I hunt for one on Poshmark?

At least the pink gingham shirt had one last hurrah. Not only did it get worn on a mechanical bull, it also got to pet a miniature horse!



Finally, many of you know I am a runner. I had many, many friends at the Boston Marathon on Monday and, as I wrote on my fitness blog, my heart broke on Monday. But on Tuesday I went for a run in the dessert and knew we would persevere.


Next week I will be back to the normal posting schedule. Enjoy your weekend!

15 replies on “April Showers Bring Drowned Flowers

  1. Valerie

    I totally know how you feel with coming back from paradise and warm weather to well…this crap. No bueno. Too bad about your gingham shirt…I have the J.Crew version in green and with an extra 30% off now, you can’t go wrong 🙂

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Oh man. This weather sucks enough as it is…coming back to it from that beautiful Arizona weather must have been ROUGH. Glad you made it back all right, though! I imagine trying to fly to Chicago on Wednesday or Thursday (or Tuesday, if someone was planning on using American to get here) must have been a nightmare.

  3. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Wow, that has got to be the saddest before/after set of pictures ever. Leaving all of that beautiful shine to come back home to that?!

    It’s so fun to see the pictures from your trip, that one of your riding the bull i just priceless, you look like you were having a fantastic time. I have to say, I am so crushing on your long navy cardigan/white shirt/floral scarf outfit, that is such a understated but pretty outfit!

    It’s been pretty frightening about the Boston bombing, I think it really hit home for people all over the US because so many people go to run the race. We had quite a few runners from our community go run and one of the older gentlemen had crossed the finish line only a few minuets before the first bomb went off. He was pretty thankful that he wasn’t slower. I hope all of your friends were safe!

    I just have to add that the pony pictures so made my day. That picture of you with the little guy is adorable! 🙂

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Sigh. I know. Thankfully we moved out of a house that floods and into an 8th floor apartment last year so the rain didn’t affect us much other than just being ugly to look at.

      But after our plane being delayed by 3 hours on the way home from AZ I needed a simple, easy outfit. The one here did the job!

  4. Collette Charlier

    Long Live Boston! I go there often for my work as a European based Flight attendant.
    Sorry about the short lived shirt.
    In Belgium we have drop off bins for torn or worn clothing that is processed into second hand clothing or….sad to say…as in your shirt’s case, cleaning rags. It is very effective in reducing the amount let into landfills. I hope the same exists in the USA. I know also of Craig’s List and Freecycle (exists in Europe too).
    Hope you find new use to that wonderful gingham blouse and find a suitable replacement.
    I like your blog!

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