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As I mentioned on Friday, I’m in Phoenix this week for a conference for work. I’m both attending and presenting at the conference and let’s just say I’m mostly excited to go somewhere WARM and SUNNY! Chicago weather is really getting me down. It snowed on Saturday, people. Snowed. Anyway, Phoenix’s 80 degree weather will be a treat but packing for it was a bit challenging.


phoenix_trip_outfits 003

For my travel day I decided on a striped tank top under a sheer white three-quarter length sleeve top with jeans, my black blazer, and my leopard flats. I plan to wear the blazer throughout the week and this way it doesn’t get all wrinkled in my suitcase. Plus, you should really wear your bulkiest item when traveling and in this case that’s my blazer. When I get to Phoenix I can ditch the blazer and the sheer top if necessary and revel in the fact that it’s warm enough to wear a tank top!




phoenix_trip_outfits 005


For Tuesday I’m busting out my green cropped pants, a simple striped t-shirt, the black blazer again, and the leopard flats. This is my day to attend conference sessions and the dress code at this conference ranges from jeans to suits so I figured I could get away with some fun colors and pattern mixing.  The blazer is because I’m sure the conference rooms will be freezing but the short sleeves are for outside.



phoenix_trip_outfits 004

Tuesday we give our presentation so I dressed it up with my black and white polka dot sheath dress and my black blazer and open-toed black patent heels. And some jewelry, of course.


Tuesday Night

phoenix_trip_outfits 009

Tuesday night is the customer/attendee appreciation party which I’ve been told is a pretty crazy event. This year it’s at a Western-themed locale so I decided to bust out the gingham and pair it with white jeans and a white tank top. And nude heels because I don’t own cowboy boots.


phoenix_trip_outfits 008

On Wednesday we fly back to Chicago.  And since it will probably be in the 40s when we land, I’m adding a scarf to my black, white and leopard outfit.  Plus, this is classy enough for a casual conference attendee look if I choose to attend any last day sessions.

Other items I packed but didn’t photograph? A black cardigan, white shorts, a swimsuit and a swimsuit cover-up, one running outfit, running shoes, some other jewelry,  and, of course, pajamas and underwear. Basically, everything except the dress can be mixed and matched with the other items I brought, too, so if I need to make a quick switcheroo for any reason, it should be simple enough.

And if it wasn’t for that pesky liquids restriction I could have gotten away with just a carry-on! Sadly, I couldn’t find a hair mousse I liked that came in a FAA-approved size.

15 replies on “Packing for Phoenix

  1. kelsey

    I’m so impressed by your ability to not over pack. I pack about 239203 outfits and end up wearing 2. I like having options…

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Ah, the art of light packing. I have yet to master that. I’m hoping to for my May trip to Seattle, however, as I imagine my parents would be much happier if I didn’t need to check a bag for a three day trip…and if I pack light, then I can fit more clothes from my favorite boutique EVER in my suitcase on the way home! It’s a store that’s only out west, so I mean, not gonna not, you know? Haha.

  3. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Oh man, 80 degrees sounds like paradise. Enjoy all of that sunshine and warmth for the rest of us!
    You are like the master packer! Next time I go on a trip I am so going to come pack to this post, this is so easy. (I always, always over pack.) I love how versatile those leopard flats are.
    Have fun down there. 🙂

  4. Bri Marie

    Oh my goodness I love this post. I feel like I totally have work trip packing down to a professional level – I should start showing what I pack!! Hope your trip is going well – and hope you’ll still be able to link up with some Spring Florals on Thursday!!

    Bri @ Work Clothes, I Suppose

  5. Emily

    You’re such a great packer!!! I am all about packing lightly whenever possible – it really just makes life easier. My mother-in-law is the polar opposite – she brings pretty much her entire closet, bathroom, and pantry with her wherever she goes. It’s quite cumbersome and it makes it so difficult just to operate. Minimalism is where it’s at!!!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I used to bring everything with me, but since I started planning my outfits in advance and thinking about re-wearing layering pieces it’s gotten better. I still throw a few random items in last minute that I usually don’t end up wearing but it’s much better than it used to be!

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