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Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring



Blazer – Forever 21 (similar)| Sweater – Old Navy  (similar) | Jeans – Express via Poshmark | Scarf – Gift (similar) | Necklace – NY&Co (similar) | Shoes – Eric Michael (similar under $30)

So, there was a sort-of unintentional theme to my outfits this week.  Can you guess what it was?  Here’s a different picture of my outfit that might help.



Still stuck? What if I told you that this week’s Friday’s Fancies theme is…..


Polka dots!

Yes, I seriously wore something with polka dots four out of five days this week. How did that happen?  Well, I knew that Friday I wanted to wear polka dots. And Monday was my polka dot dress because it fit the Inspiration Monday outfit so well.  After that I thought, hey, why not wear something polka dotted every day this week (minus Wednesday when I had already sent in my contribution for Work Your Wardrobe). So, I did. Turns out that I went from hardly owning anything polka dotted to owning enough items that I could wear polka dots every day for a week. Seriously. This isn’t even everything I own! There’s still a shirt and a scarf and another dress that I didn’t wear. Crazy, huh?

Which was your favorite polka dot outfit this week? The dress? The blue suit? The pencil skirt? Or today’s casual Friday look?

And don’t forget, next week I’m pairing up with Jen from Librarian for Life & Style for our Mutually Inspired Series!  Be sure to follow both of us to see how two different woman inspire one another.  Jen’s also giving away a $25 Old Navy gift card so be sure to get entered before Monday.

19 replies on “The Word of the Day Is…

  1. Bri Marie

    How funny! I didn’t notice all the polka dots – but you did such a good job wearing them all differently, so it definitely makes sense! I have a sweater almost just like the one you wore today – I’m definitely going to have to try it under a blazer!! Super cute shoes, too!!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Since the one I linked to is from Forever 21 finding it the store can be a crapshoot! But, if you want to try there first and then order it online if you can’t find it that would be okay 🙂

  2. Emily

    I love love love love love the first outfit with the white blazer and the green scarf. I am going to copy that look myself next week! I also love that blue blazer…

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Awesome! Glad I could give you a fun outfit idea.

      The white blazer and the blue blazer are basically identical. When you find something that works you stick with it, right?

  3. kilax

    Hmm, I think I liked the all blue look the best! It was fun you could move the dots around too, like to your skirt. I think I have a scarf with dots on it!

  4. Brynn

    Cute, Erin! I love today’s look with the blazer…and I really like your necklace. The color is super pretty, and it makes a good statement without being obnoxious 🙂 You’re so cute.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I bought this necklace when I really wanted a bubble necklace. Turns out I wear this one WAY more than my bubble necklace. Funny how those things happen 🙂 And thanks for the lovely compliment 🙂

  5. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Ha, and here I was worried you were going to make a “bird is the word” joke!
    I didn’t even notice you were wearing polka dots almost everyday, I guess that means you’re really good at keeping your looks varied. Monday’s outfit is still my favorite, that dress is so unexpected with the boots! I kept meaning to wear a version of it but I got stuck trying to figure out what color of tights to wear. (Blah, its still too cold for bare legs.)

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