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More Military Jacket Inspiration

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Last fall I wrote a post about three ways to wear military-inspired jackets since they were shaping up to be a big fall trend.  These jackets and vests are still going strong and I’ve had a few new questions about ways to wear them.  So, since today I’m actually contributing over at Work Your Wardrobe and discussing my olive blazer/military jacket I thought I’d show you a few more ways to wear one.

Above are 12 different looks I’ve come across through various blogs.  Many of these I’ve saved on Pinterest so that I have inspiration for myself. I’ve notice that many of these looks are in neutral colors such as black, navy, white, and tan.  However, it’s easy to add some punch with sequins, leopard, or patterns.  Toss on a belt over the jacket, too, and you can have it be more shape-defining.  Or add a scarf or a necklace to amp up the professionalism.

Just because some of the above outfits are vests instead of jackets don’t let that make you think you can’t wear the outfits with either!  For some people a jacket or blazer might be more versatile and for others it might be a vest. Either way, you can probably wear them with lots of things you already have in your closet!

Admittedly, I’ve been searching for the “perfect” military-inspired jacket or vest since last fall. My current jacket is filling the hole…for now.  In the mean time, here are some of the other ones I’ve either tried on or want to look for, including this one that is currently under $35!