What to Wear When Your Weekend Starts Early

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Shirt – The Limited (similar) | Scarf – JF&A Show (similar) | Jeans – Express | Belt – Target | Boots – Macy’s (similar)

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m off work for a few days. So today you get a weekend casual outfit from me instead of a regular casual Friday outfit! Yes, yes, I know I’m wearing boots with a heel, but flat boots like the similar ones I linked above or even boat shoes in warmer weather would also work with this outfit.  The key here is that I kept the visual interest with the striped shirt and the patterned scarf.

Next week I’m participating in Whitney’s and Franziska’s 5 Days, 5 Ways Link-Up so get ready to see how I’ve remixed pieces in my wardrobe into many different outfits.

Until then, I’m off to enjoy my weekend.  I hope you enjoy yours!  See you Monday!


26 replies on “What to Wear When Your Weekend Starts Early

    1. Kandi

      P.S. Those boots you linked to are so cute! It’s probably for the best (of my wallet) that they probably wouldn’t fit over my calf.

      1. Kandi

        P.P.S. What would you do if you bought a cute, airy (think sheer t-shirt material), dark navy (nearly black) cardigan and somehow it got a bleach spot on it? Note that I do not use bleach in my laundry but my husband does… no idea how it ended up on my new sweater!!

        1. Kandi

          After a quick google search I think I might be able to use a Sharpie on it! Luckily it’s in a somewhat discreet place on the sweater. But, I’d also like to hear your thoughts. I’d just get a new one but I bought it over a month ago at the outlets (an hour from my house) and it’s likely not there anymore.

  1. Mica

    Yay, enjoy your days off! I am really impressed at how dressed up you are for an off-day. That’s fancier than I am on a weekday going to campus. Yikes, this tells me I gotta’ get some new clothes.

  2. Suburban Style Challenge

    I really like this outfit! Toss a leather jacket on, and it’s something I’d wear. I really like those boots… they’re a good mix of casual and nice, and kind of make a more casual outfit a little dressier, and I’m sure you can dress ’em up with a dress and tights for work. Versatile pieces like that are my fav!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      If it wasn’t so cold I totally would have worn my leather jacket outside the house. As it was, I ended up adding a navy boyfriend cardigan. And I rarely wear these boots because I feel like they hit my calves in a weird spot, but I think that needs to change.

  3. Carrie

    Stripes + a floral scarf is one of my favorite combos! Those jeans fit you beautifully – I’ll have to check out Express sometime! I’m looking for a slim-fitting pair but haven’t had much luck so far.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      These are great because they’re slim but not super tight at the ankle. They’re like a cross between skinny and straight leg. A friend told me about them and they’re now my favorite. I stalk Poshmark to find them on the cheap!

  4. Emily

    Have a wonderful weekend and safe travels! I love the pop of color from the scarf against the backdrop of the stripes. Cute jeans, too!

  5. Anne

    I really like all of the pattern mixing you’ve been doing lately! I wouldn’t have thought to do stripes with floral.

    I hope you had a fun time in Cleveland!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Cleveland was just what I wanted: hanging out with friends and playing games.

      I swear I saw stripes and florals together in the latest J. Crew catalog so it’s totally okay 🙂

  6. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    After talking about how hard it is to find the perfect white top, I realized how hard it is to find the perfect striped top! It needs to be the right length, the right fit, right width of stripes, on and on. This one looks about perfect to me, The Limited really does have some amazing stuff sometimes. So cute and classic with the jeans and boots and I hope you had a fabulous fun weekend! 🙂

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Excellent point! I have four striped tops and they’re all a bit different and all get worn for different occasions. Although, this one might be my current favorite.

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