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Effexor and lamictal bipolar

Effexor and lamictal bipolar You Pick Wednesday

One of the reader questions I received recently was about how and when to wear nude shoes.  Now, when I say “nude” I mean shoes that are one to two shades lighter than your skin tone no matter where it falls on the color spectrum. I only added nude shoes to my closet this past year when I realized that with some of my outfits black shoes just weren’t going to cut it.

Case in Point


Notice that the black shoes draw your eye down and almost make the shoes the focal point of the outfit. Whereas the nude shoes just blend in and draw your eye up so you notice the actual outfit itself.



Here’s another example.  Nude shoes are the best when your legs are bare.  When I’m wearing blackish gray hose and a black cardigan my black shoes balance out my outfit.  But when I’m bare-legged and wearing a brown jacket nude shows off my outfit (and my legs, if I say so myself) better.  I could have worn brown but, again, it might draw the eye downward.



These pants are interesting because these outfits could have gone either way with the shoes.  My burgundy shoes match my pants so they do tend to blend in more.  But since the top half of the outfit on the left looks heavier to my eye I think the heavier color shoe goes better with it.



Again, same pants, different shoes.  In this case both shoes would go well with either outfit. Sometimes you get the option!

So, when should you wear a nude shoe?

1. When you want the attention to be on your outfit

From ByBy Style Studio:  When you’re wearing colorful or busy print ensembles that you want to emphasize. The nude shoe will keep they eye focused above your feet.

2. When you want to look taller or more streamlined

From DivaVillage:  When you wear a pair of nude pumps with a dress or a pair of pants that are a similar color, your legs will actually look longer.

3. When another color just won’t work

From Girl Next Door: Your shoes should complement your [outfit], not compete with it.

And for more nude shoe inspiration, you can see all my posts where I’ve worn them here.

Need some nude shoes in your life? Here are some that caught my eye.


I hope that helps clarify when nude shoes are the best option. Or maybe it made it more murky!  Tell me in the comments. And, as always, if you have your own style questions let me know! I’m happy to help!