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February Shopping Summary




1. Old Navy Military Jacket – $14.05 ($35, plus 15% off, plus $25 gift card)

2. Stella & Dot Earrings via Poshmark* (seen here)

3. Express Stella Skinny Jeans via Poshmark* (seen here)

4. Forever 21 Sweater ($10 on sale, used store credit from a return)

5. ASA Sanchez ball gown via Burlington Coat Factory – $54.60 (seen here)

*$35.50 total minus $16.40 in Poshmark credit (get your own using code HBAMM) = $19.10 for both items

Total = $87.75

Back in January I said my goal was to wear the items I purchased or received that month and not spend money on myself.  Well, I definitely wore those items but I did end up spending some money on myself in February.

The Old Navy Military jacket was a total impulse purchase.  Not sure I’m going to keep it yet, to be honest.

I love my original pair of Express Stella jeans so I’d been stalking Poshmark looking for a pair below retail.  When I found this pair and was able to bundle them with a pair of pearl earrings (another hole in my jewelry collection) I was sold.  Plus, I had all that credit from sales and from people signing up with my code that they were a steal!  Retail, those two items together would be over $100!

The sweater was also an impulse purchase.  But $10 AND I had store credit?  Sure.  Who couldn’t use a navy sweater? Now, if only I could find a black crewneck sweater.

Finally, my ball gown.  I didn’t HAVE to buy this.  But, really, would you have passed this up?  Plus the fact that I hadn’t bought much else in February means I was able to afford it easily.

So, for March I’m going to continue my goal of shopping my closet, selling items I no longer need, and saving my moolah.

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