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Blazer – J. Crew (similar under $35) | Blouse – Gap (similar under $15) | Pants – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino (similar under $15)| Necklace – JF&A Show (similar under $15)

I recently read this editorial in the Chicago Tribune about the differences between urban snow and, well, non-urban snow.  I think my favorite line is:

Urban snow is what we have here, now. It is snow where it does not belong, where it is dangerous, incongruous and despised, like an urban coyote or an urban cowboy. No one ever wrote “Stopping by ‘L’ Platform on a Snowy Evening.”

But I thumb my nose at the slushy, wet, gray snow currently blanketing much of the city.  I wore my white pants.  Well, they’re technically winter white or cream or off-white or whatever you want to call them.  Many people fear white pants when the weather is perfect.  And it’s definitely a risk to wear them when the chances of getting snow sludge on them is high.  Still, I can let the snow beat me or I can beat the snow!

I choose the latter.

Especially since I came across this photo on Pinterest and thought it looked really classy.

tie blouse, blazer, cream pants.


I mean, I could wait until spring to wear this outfit, but technically meteorological spring starts tomorrow so I figure that’s close enough.  Sure, it’s still cold in Chicago.  Sure, there’s still a chance of snow. But I’m declaring these my snow pants and I’ll wear them whenever I want.

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P.S. If Friday’s post is delayed it’s because I have a morning meeting at the zoo!  I’m going to wait and try to get some photos there.

22 replies on “Snow Pants

  1. Kandi

    I was just wondering if you’ve worn your white pants recently (is it weird that I’m now thinking about what you’re wearing?). I love this outfit. The polka dot shirt is like the Target dress that you linked to last week that I bought this weekend and wore yesterday. 🙂 You definitely are brave to wear white pants in snowy slushiness!

  2. Miranda

    You’re definitely brave for wearing your white pants in the snow, but I think you look so chic! That’s a perfect outfit for work. I love the polka dot top!

  3. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Eek, I get nervous enough wearing khaki in the snow, never mind white. Way to stick it to the weather! You show February who’s boss!

    Also, I am most DEFINITELY writing “Stopping by ‘L’ Platform on a Snowy Evening” now. I love rewriting classic poems…did it all the time in college for English assignments. This is totally happening. Haha I’m such a nerd 😛

  4. kilax

    I heard someone say tomorrow was the start of spring! I thought it was the 21/22 or something. Essssplain? 🙂

    You are BRAVE. I am afraid to wear that white blazer! Me so messy 🙂

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      March 21/22 is the equinox which many people consider to be the start of spring. However, meteorologists have a different time line based on average temperatures and divide the year up quarters. Winter is December, January & February. Which is why March 1st is the start of meteorological spring!

      See, I just spot clean my white pants when I get something on them instead of always washing the whole thing!

      1. kilax

        Thanks for explaining that! That is always how I have thought it should be! Esp with Summer starting June 1, not June 20whatever 😉

  5. Anne

    I’ve always really liked the idea of winter white pants, but I can see how impractical they may seem in this weather. For me, because I always end up with slush and salt all over me, no matter how covered up I might be. I really really like this whole outfit, and you’ve definitely made white a year-round color!

  6. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    I read the title and was “yay, snow pants are finally cool! Woo!”

    Nope, it’s white pants! And here I had my hopes up for some good and frumpy snowpants. Haha, I do commend you for wearing white pants in the winter time! I can’t keep white pants clean anytime, much less in the winter with all of the dirt from brushing against the car or the slush. White does have such a crisp sophisticated look to in the winter and you nailed it her, I love it with the sharp blazer and the blouse dotted top.

    Ugh, urban cowboys. Posers!

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