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Nellcote and Chicago Blogger Network 2013 Oscar Party: An Excuse to Wear a Ballgown

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When I originally received the invitation to the Chicago Blogger Network 2013 Oscar Party at Chicago restaurant Nellcote I turned it down.  I haven’t seen any of the movies and, in all honest, am not really a movie buff.   Still, the ladies at CBN assured me it was just an excuse to get dressed up and take advantage of some fun cocktails at an open bar.  I wasn’t swayed.  And then I realized that Ashley, Sierra, Molly, Cait, and Erin were going.  While I’d met some of these ladies, others I only followed on Twitter.  An excuse to chat them up in person?  Okay.



But what to wear?  I originally thought about dyeing my wedding gown.


But then I started thinking I could wear it as-is and went on a hunt for other winter white red carpet styles.

2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap | Winter White2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap | Winter White

But it turns out my wedding dress has a slight stain down the front and I didn’t have the time to work on getting it out.  Sure, I have other cocktail dresses but I wanted to wear a floor length gown!  I mean, how many times in your adult life do you get to do that??

So, off I went on the hunt after work on Friday.  I went to Nordstrom Rack first but they didn’t have anything I liked in my price range.  So, on a whim, I went across the street to Burlington and found a beautiful one-strap blue dress with an amazing sequin and mesh back for $50!

Loop Looks Oscar Dress Loop Looks Oscar Dress

I think the other Erin took these photos!


(Unfortunately I did not bug the professional photographer nearly enough and this is the only photo they posted of me.)

We were handed personalized champagne bottles with toppers that doubled as champagne flutes and then it was time to mingle!

personalized champagne bottles

Chicago Bloggers Oscar Party Nellcote Oscar Party Drinks

Oscar Party photobooth

The party ended with everyone receiving a goody bag full of items from the awesome sponsors.

#NellcoteCBN Gift Bag

I’m so happy that I decided to attend this party and I am looking forward to doing even more events with the Chicago Blogger Network!  It was wonderful to meet so many bloggers face-to-face and enjoy a first-class party.  Plus, an excuse to wear a ballgown?  I’ve decided I’m never passing that up again.


See all the professional photos here.