You Told Me Wednesday: Reader Survey Results

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

First, thanks to the 37 of you who filled out my reader survey!  I was hoping for a few more but, hey, that’s about 20% of my daily page views and my psychology degree tells me that 20% is a good number to hit!  So that’s pretty awesome!

And, of course, since it’s no fun to fill out a survey if you don’t get to see your responses in action, I want to share the results with you along with my thoughts (and if you’re here for the outfit photos just skip to the bottom of this post).



Since the biggest goal of Loop Looks is to provide you with outfit ideas, I’m thrilled that those are the reasons most of you are coming here.   Some of my favorite “Other” responses reinforce this since they stated “The style you exhibit is practical (both aesthetically and financially) and I can actually apply the inspiration” and “To get ideas on how to dress in Chicago winters”.



And it appears that most of you love everything I’m doing!  Hooray!  I wasn’t surprised to see the Saturday Shots posts weren’t as popular since I admit many times I skip over those myself when reading other blogs.  I was a bit surprised at the one response that said the daily outfit posts were their least favorite.  Maybe they just come for my eloquent writing?  (Where’s the sarcasm font?)




Again, I’m not totally surprised at the responses about wanting to see more casual outfits.  I’m still figuring out how to reflect my weekend wear on the blog since that’s typically the only time you’ll find me in casual clothes since I spend most of my evenings in fitness attire.  Speaking of which, I do have a fitness blog that I try to post in a few times a month if you’re interested in that.  It didn’t rank too highly in the survey so I probably won’t be adding too many fitness-only posts here.

As for shopping suggestions, I do always include links to items that are similar to what I’m wearing but I can try linking to more sales information and discussing why I frequent certain stores more than others. What are your thoughts on that?



I’m happy to see most of you both look at the pictures and read the text!  Lets me know that those words I put here aren’t in vain.

Most of you didn’t care one way or another about seeing Loop Looks posts on the weekends which is good since I like not having that pressure.  Also, no one cared that I use affiliate links.  Chances are good that I’m never going to make a living from this blog but being able to pay for itself (or pay for me to purchase more items for giveaways!) would be lovely.  Right now my only source of income is the affiliate links so I’m glad they don’t bother you.



One of you mentioned that you wanted to see recaps of the closet consultations I do.  Well, I do try to post links to the reviews and write-ups on other bloggers’ sites when I do one for another blogger.  For example, this weekend I did one for Kelsey and posted a link  on Facebook to her recap on her blog.  So, that’s one bonus to following Loop Looks on Facebook!  But I’m also glad to know that you don’t mind seeing the outfit photos in both places.  Probably makes it easier for you!




It appears that most of you think that doing a 30×30 would be fun.  I agree, it’s not the most original thing out there, but I think it can be a useful tool for those of you who are working with a limited wardrobe.  Seeing how someone takes a small set of clothing and makes it work for them for a month could be helpful, right?  Something for me to think on.


Of course, many of you took the chance to share your opinions in the open-ended questions, too, and I love that!  All the compliments made me feel amazing!  And just reminded me that the reason I do this is to help YOU and it sounds like it’s working. So yay!  I wanted to take a moment to address some of the comments, too, so you know I read ALL of them.

My feed reader doesn’t always show your posts right away! Sometimes it shows three at a time and I know you didn’t post them all at the same time.

When I switched from to I tried to change my RSS feed.  The one you should be using is  If you are using that one that should take care of most of your issues.  I hope.  I’m still working out all that fiddly technology stuffs.

I think an overall blog redesign would freshen up the look of your style blog.

I will take anyone up on the offer to help me redesign the blog!  Or, you know, if you have a WordPress theme you particularly love, show me the way!

There’s no “Like” button for WordPress.

I do have a plug-in that adds a “Like” button at the bottom of each post.


However, it is tied to Facebook.  Which means I will be looking for a additional plug-in that allows you to “Like” something without having it tied to Facebook!

Photos taken in the same locations – I like the more varied ones 🙂

So, for the past three weeks my husband has been taking my outfit photos instead of me hauling my tripod all over the place.   Since the weather has been iffy lately we haven’t been venturing far from home.  But, as the weather warms up you can bet we will be checking out locations around the city.

It might be nice to see some collaborations with other academic/professional style bloggers, like “4 ways to style [insert item/trend]…”

Love this idea!  Thank you! I will be reaching out and seeing what I can concoct.  And if other bloggers read this and want to collaborate, let me know!

Would love to see more responses to reader questions and more posts on affordable fashion.

I do answer every reader question I get although sometimes it takes me a few weeks to write a post on it.  That’s what You Pick Wednesdays are for!  If you have a question, any question, leave it in a comment or send it to and I WILL answer it in a You Pick Wednesday post.  I’m currently working on one about when to wear nude shoes since a reader asked me that in a comment a few weeks ago.

As for affordable fashion, I try my hardest to pick similar items to link to that are under $100.  Perhaps some of you have questions about how to put together an outfit on a budget?  Tell me your budget and you’ll get an entire You Pick Wednesday post to yourself!

And with that, I want to thank you again for taking the time to fill out the survey!  It means a lot to me to know what I’m doing is worthwhile and to get ideas on how to mix it up a bit.

And now what you’ve all come here to see: hardcore nudity!

No, not really.   It’s just today’s outfit for the Take One and Pass It On challenge from Sarah’s Real Life.



Sweater – Gap (similar) | Shirt – Forever 21 | Pants – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Karen Scott via Macy’s (similar) | Bracelet – gift (similar)

So, yes, the item carried over from yesterday is the leopard print shoes!


What do you think will make a repeat appearance tomorrow?

18 replies on “You Told Me Wednesday: Reader Survey Results

  1. kelsey

    Aw Erin this post was great! I loved reading through your results!

    I really hope you do the 30 x 30 chall! I can’t wait to see what you put together!

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I can’t wait to hear how much search engine traffic you start getting now that the words hardcore nudity appear on your blog hahaha.

    I’d love to read about sales information. Though I will happily drop $$$$ on races and groceries, I have a LOT harder time convincing myself to spend much more than $15 on ANY item of clothing (except running shoes 😛 ), which means I tend to shy away from pretty much any store other than Forever21. Not that Forever21 is bad…but their clothes are craaaazy low quality (obviously, since they cost like $2) and going in there tends to be rather panic-attack inducing since there are so. many. choices. So yeah, any info on how to dress stylish without spending lots of money would be great!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Maybe it will replace “how to wear riding boots” as my number one search term?? One can hope 🙂

      I think one of the reasons I don’t typically blog about sales is that so many other bloggers already do it and do it better. For example, Laura Wears keeps an on-going list on her blog that she updates weekly.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I had no idea that when you use Google Drive to make forms and surveys it creates the summary data in both text and graph displays for you. However, I didn’t like their layouts so I just input it into Excel instead. Yay for graphs!

  3. Bri Marie

    I love that you got such positive results! Once I get some more readers, I’m definitely going to borrow this idea and see what I can do to make people happier! As for collaborations and other blogs – I’d always be interested to link up and participate in any multi-blog topics!! Just say the words 🙂 And I love this outfit – red and leopard together is amazing!!!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      How many readers do you have? I only get between 150 and 200 unique pageviews a day (and only about 8 comments per post on a good day). Even just these few responses were helpful!

      I’ll definitely keep you in mind for a collaboration post! Thanks for the offer!

  4. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

    Tee hee, “And now what you’ve all come here to see: hardcore nudity!” Lots of accidental traffic coming your way for that one! 😉

    I really enjoyed your recap of the survey. You’re so thoughtful, and I *always* enjoy your writing and humor. And I would love to do some collaborations with you! (In fact, that was the idea that I submitted. Selfishly. And b/c I’m a hard-core fan of yours.) And I got funding approval to go to ALA this summer… we need to see if we can set up a real-life style networking!

    And I think the “like” thing for WordPress is a setting you have to turn on… If you go into your Dashboard, then Settings, then Sharing, it’s the last option on the page. Hope that actually relates to what you were describing.

    And I’ve been wrong *twice* with the TOPIO challenge. But this time I’m going to get it right. I guess…. either the trousers, sweater, shirt, bracelets… anything I missed? Oh, or maybe earrings! Tee hee 😀

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I think because I do self-hosted WordPress the “Like” thing is a bit different. versus using WordPress from is so confusing sometimes!

      We’ll definitely have to do a collaboration and DEFINITELY meet up while you’re in Chicago! Are you staying at the conference hotel? Email me!

      Hahaha, you got it right today 🙂

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  6. kilax

    I really liked reading the results! I would like to hear more about where you shop and why 🙂 I never thought to go to … the Limited? Was that it? Until you took me there.

  7. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    wait, hardcore nudity? What site am I on?!(Hehe, that sound get some good hits!)

    It’s fun to see the results of the survey, I think everyone has pretty much said the some thing, we visit because we like you and you are a funny lady! Not to mention, I really do love your “you pick” wednesday posts, you do an amazing job tackling different subjects/styles/questions and I always enjoy reading them.

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