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Red is for Valentine’s Day

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

navy-cardigan-red-polka-dots-gray-skirt 1


Cardigan – The Limited | Shirt – The Limited (similar) | Skirt – The Limited (similar)| Necklace – Overstock.com (similar) | Shoes – Gabriella Rocha via 6pm.com (similar)

So, today is Valentine’s Day.  Are you celebrating it in any way?  My big plan for the day is to go to work, come home, go to the gym, and then make Italian Wedding Soup for dinner.  However, on Friday evening my husband and I are going to a trapeze class!

As you can probably tell, we’re not big into a romantic, mushy Valentine’s Day display over here.  I still like to wear a little something to acknowledge the holiday, though.  Last year I wore pink.  This year I decided on red.  But by pairing it with navy and gray it keeps it from screaming “I’m dressed up for the holiday!”

This could be a very blah outfit.  Just a cardigan, a pencil skirt, and a blouse.  But the pattern on the blouse amps it up a little bit.  Keep that mind when you’re shopping or getting dressed.  A little bit of pattern can go a long way.

You know what else goes a long way?  Wind.  It was SO WINDY when I was taking these photos.  My husband caught my frustration with the wind on camera.