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Layer Cake

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

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navy-blazer-striped-top-bubble-necklace (1)

navy-blazer-striped-top-bubble-necklace 1navy-blazer-striped-top-bubble-necklace (3)

Blazer – J. Crew | Striped top – The Limited | Chambray top – Old Navy (similar) | Jeans – The Limited | Boots – Bandolino (similar) | Necklace – JF&A Show (similar)

In the apartment building where my husband and I live there are three floors of parking.  Jason and I park our car on the second floor.  But after taking outfit photos there last week we decided to check out the third floor to see if there was anything interesting there.  We felt like parking structure interlopers trespassing on floor three!  Of course we weren’t really trespassing.

Turns out that apparently floor three is where all the people with swanky vehicles park.  There were at least two Porsches, a big honkin’ Harley, a Pontiac GTO and this Ducati.  I don’t know much about motorcycles but my husband informed me that a Ducati is an expensive bike.  I just thought it made a good backdrop to my incredibly preppy outfit.

This outfit is also a copy of a photo that has been floating around Pinterest for awhile.

Love the stripe combo

I have no idea what the original source of this photo is (I even used Google Image Search to try and figure it out).  But I do know that many, many people have pinned it or blogged it so my outfit isn’t all that original.  But I’m down with that.  I think it’s great to see different people and different body types copy an outfit so you can see what it looks like on everyone.  And, of course, unless you have the EXACT same pieces as the original outfit you’re going to put your own spin on it.  And that’s the whole fun of using a photo to get inspired.

I never would have worn this many layers before seeing this photo but now that I have it’s a look I’m enjoying.  Especially in the winter when layers are key to keeping warm!

navy-blazer-striped-top-bubble-necklace (2)

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