January Shopping Summary







1. The Limited Dress* (seen here)

2.  LOFT Pants – $20 (40% off sale price in store) (seen here and here)

3. The Limited Striped Shirt*

4. The Limited Lace Shirt*

5. Old Navy Boots via Threadflip (free w/credits) (seen here)

6. Old Navy Jacket via Threadflip (free w/credits)

7. The Limited Earrings* (seen here)

8. The Limited Necklace* (seen here)

9.  The Limited Burgundy Cardigan*

10. The Limited Navy Cardigan – birthday gift

11. The Limited Polka Dot Shirt – birthday gift (seen here)

12.  Old Navy Puffer Vest – birthday gift


Yes, a lot of new items made their way into my closet in January.   And you may have noticed I didn’t list prices next to the asterisked items from The Limited.  Well, they weren’t all gifts!  However, I feel it would be dishonest to list the prices since I bought all of that for $45 out of pocket thanks to a return, a gift card, reward coupons and crazy sale deals.

Also, I sold enough items on Threadflip to afford both the boots and the jacket for free, although I’m not sure the jacket is exactly what I want so I might try to resell it.

So, basically, my out of pocket costs for January were approximately $65.

And as you can see from this list some of those items haven’t even been worn yet (although, I have worn both the puffer vest and the burgundy cardigan but not to work and I didn’t take pictures).  So my goal for February is to wear the unworn items and use the money I normally would spend on myself to pay down my credit card.

Did you add anything new to your closet in January?

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18 replies on “January Shopping Summary

  1. Valerie

    Wow you got a lot of great stuff last month…and hooray for gift cards, sales, etc! That coral on the Limited shirt is divine- can’t wait to see what kind of outfits you come up with!

  2. Aparna

    My fav are the Loft cobalt pants and the red top(11) from Limited. I really loved the outfit with those pants though. you own that color girl!

  3. Alyssa @ Don't Look Down

    I love the striped shirt and the pants. I really need to start shopping at the Limited.
    I bought myself a great new pair of Levi’s skinny jeans and a new shirt from Levi’s as well. Oh and a new pair of black dress pants. But then I cut myself off since I’m saving all my extra money for vacation spending money! Yippee!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Sounds like you added some good basics to your closet in January!

      And, yes, The Limited is amazing for work and some casual outfits. It’s definitely my favorite store.

  4. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Wait, those awesome boots are from old navy? No way! Now I’m going to have to go check old navy out, I’ve really been wanting a pair of sparkly booties that were in a decent price range and these are so cute and sassy!
    You had a pretty killer month, I’m impressed at the good deals you found!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Well….they are from Old Navy but the woman selling them via Threadflip had done some DIY to make them sparkly. They are a hair too small for me but I couldn’t pass them up for the price.

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