You’re Invited to a Birthday Celebration! (Reader Survey)

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

Yes, that’s right.  You’re invited to celebrate the first birthday of this blog!  Did you know Loop Looks has only been around since February 2012?  That’s right!  And look how far this little blog has come.


python_dress 013snake-print-dress (2)edit

snake-print-dress (3)

Since February 2012 I have:

  • Moved to a self-hosted website
  • Started taking more close-up photos
  • Purchased a tripod so I can take photos outside
  • Recruited my husband to take some photos
  • Posted over 200 different outfits
  • Began the You Pick Wednesday Series
  • And much, much more!

So, in honor of making it one year I want to hear from you about what you’ve liked (or not liked) over the past 12 months.  To be honest, in the first few months of Loop Looks I thought, “Well, maybe I’ll do this for a full year and then shut it down.”  But now I can’t imagine doing that!   Every comment I get from someone who says they got an idea from my blog or tried something new because of what they saw on Loop Looks makes me light up.

And of course I want to be a useful as possible for you!  My goal has always been to help women who work in an office (or who just want to wear what they have differently) break out of their routine and feel better about themselves.  When you feel good about how you look your confidence will show!  And there’s not much better than being a confident employee.

With that being said, the best way I can think to help you is to ask about what you want to see.  Which is why I created my first reader survey!  Please, please, please fill this out so we can continue to make outfit magic together!  Can’t see the survey below?  Click here to access it.


P.S.  I really wanted to take these anniversary photos outside but, as you can see, it was a little wintery out there.

snake-print-dress (1)

18 replies on “You’re Invited to a Birthday Celebration! (Reader Survey)

  1. kelsey

    HAPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY 1 year!!!! We should have a blogging birthday bash for all of our 1 years!!

    I love you AND your blog so much and am so thankful that I became such good friends with you.

    AND your blog gets me thinking about how to mix up things in my closet which I never really cared about before so thank you Loop Looks!


  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I, for one, am INCREDIBLY glad that you can’t imagine shutting down Loop Looks. I’m a huge fan of your blog (and you as a person!) and I feel like I’ve learned a lot of great fashion advice from your posts.

    Happy birthday to the blog!

  3. kilax

    Happy Blogiversary! I fondly remember you setting up Loop Looks!!! And I remember you thinking you might shut it down after awhile. I am happy it’s grown in to what you wanted it to be! 🙂 That makes me happy!

  4. Emily

    Happy blogiversary!!! I absolutely love your blog – you have been a HUGE inspiration for me to pep up my tired, boring wardrobe. I never knew how much fun fashion could be, and I never realized how much better I would feel about myself if I dressed better! It’s literally changed my life. Now I pay all sorts of attention to colors, patterns, textures, shine, animal-print shoes, etc., etc. – and I thoroughly enjoy planning out my outfits every day. It’s such a great form of self-expression. =)

  5. Aparna

    Aww.. congrats Erin &! You and this blog made me believe that there are Real women out there who dress for real life everyday AANNDDD look super stylish!!
    And I totally relate to your blog cos I am able to find clothes in my closet inspired by yours! Like I’ve said before, your style is classy and practical!! Me likeyy:)
    And oh plz, dont even think of shutting down !!

  6. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Happy one year Erin! I was surprised that you were thinking of doing this as a one year project, I was all “nooo!” when I read that. I’m happy that you’re continuing, it’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and your blog is always a daily read for me, you’re a huge source of inspiration for me. (And you are so sweet and funny to boot!)

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