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Inspiration Monday – The Printed Shirt

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

red-polka-dots-black-pants red and white polka dots with black dress pants 2013-02-02 12.35.19

Cardigan – The Limited (similar) | Top – The Limited (similar)| Pants – The Limited (similar)| Shoes – Sole Society | Necklace – Overstock.com (similar)

This week’s Inspiration Monday photo features an adorable printed shirt with a simple pair of jeans.  Or maybe they’re black pants.  Your call.

Inspiration Photo Source

Regardless, I realized that I do not own a long-sleeved printed shirt that fit the bill.  Although The Limited has some seriously adorable ones.

the limited graphic print shirt

But, I do not need to purchase a shirt just to create an inspiration look. Nope. I have a wonderful printed shirt that I recently received for my birthday.  And although it’s a short-sleeved top, just pair with cardigan and it’s perfect for winter.

I also had this top on with my super-skinny black pants but it felt too casual for work.  So, bootcut black pants it is.  But at least my shoes have little gold studs just like the inspiration photo shoes seem to.

I feel like I say this every Monday, but you really don’t need the exact same items in a photo to be inspired to recreate it.  Use what you have!

P.S.  Please come back tomorrow!  We’ll be getting all interactive up in here and we’re celebrating someone’s first birthday!