You Pick Wednesday: Purple and Gold Scarf

You Pick Wednesday

Emily emailed me a photo of a lovely purple and gold scarf and said, “HELP!”  While, yes, this scarf could be worn with black pants and a white top or a black dress, I thought, why not jazz it up a bit?  So below we have several outfit ideas that pair this scarf with everything from more purple to leopard print.



Similar original scarf



Sweater | Shirt | Pants | Shoes | Bracelet


Turtleneck | Dress 1 | Dress 2 (similar) | Cardigan


Cardigan | Jeans | Boots | Earrings

I actually love the last look so much I’ll be recreating it with a purple scarf I own!  I honestly didn’t realize I had all those pieces until I was putting this post together.  See, You Pick Wednesday helps me out, too!

So, don’t forget to submit your own style questions to!  Next week I’m tackling a really unique one but after that I’m wide open.




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