You Pick Wednesday: What do I wear with navy?

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Recently Kelsey commented and asked:




Two years ago I hated navy.  I owned exactly one navy top and I wore it the same way every single time: with white and navy pinstriped shorts.  But then I was in Old Navy (pun not intended) and fell in love with a navy striped top.  Then I bought a navy and white polka dotted top.  And suddenly navy was invading my closet!  But Kelsey’s question is a good one.  What DO you wear with navy?

She informed me she was especially struggling with two tops from The Limited.


limited-cardigan  limited-boatneck-top

Merino V-Neck Cardigan            Button-Detail Boatneck Top

I took these two tops and made several outfits for Kelsey.  I tried to use as many items from The Limited as possible since I know that’s her favorite store.

Navy top with green pants and blazer

Jacket | Pants | NecklaceShoes

Navy top with plaid and white jeans

Necklace | Plaid Shirt | Jeans | Boots | Bracelet

Navy cardigan with brown pencil skirt and tie blouse

Shirt | Skirt | Earrings | Bracelet | Shoes | Tights

Navy cardigan with yellow scarf and black leggings

Scarf I Leggings | Boots | Tank

As you can see, I mostly stuck with using other neutrals.  Because, well, navy IS a neutral color.  Which means that is can go with just about any other neutral.  Including black!  Yes, I know, gasp.  The key is to make it look intentional so the navy and the black should be different enough that you can tell they are different.  Otherwise it looks like you got dressed in the dark.

Want to branch out and wear navy with a bit more color?  Here are some fun navy and color combinations:


And, yes, you can wear navy with jeans.  Just make sure like with black that the colors are different enough that it doesn’t look like a uniform.

Finally, because it’s Wednesday and that also mean’s it’s Marionberry’s Trend of the Month Style Challenge.  So I decided to incorporate Kelsey’s question about navy and this month’s stripes trend and show you how I wear them both together!


navy-stripes-burgundy-pants (1)

navy-stripes-burgundy-pants (2)navy-stripes-burgundy-pants (3)

Striped shirt – Old Navy (similar) | Polka dot top – Gap (similar)| Pants – Target | Shoes – Bandolino | Necklace – J. Crew via Poshmark (similar)

I love the sheer stripes on this top since that allows them to take on the pattern or color of whatever you wear underneath.  Stripes are already so versatile and this top is even more so!

Now, go forth and wear your navy or your stripes!  And, remember, if you have style questions send ‘em to to have them answered in an upcoming You Pick Wednesday!



35 replies on “You Pick Wednesday: What do I wear with navy?

  1. kilax

    I love all the navy looks! I really like it with the green and red! Of course, most of my bottoms are nuetral. And I think I only have one loose navy top that is kind of like a weird, open… thingy.

    Do you know how to tie a scarf as shown in “for the weekend”? I like that look.

      1. kilax

        LOL, so as I was putting together my outfit last night I found a navy blue top! So I paired it with black pants and my new read blazer, and a huge scarf… you can’t see the top, really, but it’s funny to me that I didn’t even know what I had in my closet!

  2. Rebekah

    I love how the stripes are sheer on your top! I see we both went with the stripes + polka dots combination for the link-up today!

    I love navy with yellow. It’s definitely one of my favorite color combinations. I also really like the “for the office” look you created above. I’ll have to pin that for later.

  3. Kelly @ Running Kellometers

    I have had the same question as Kelsey lots of times! I always wear blue with brown to work but I hardly ever buy blue t-shirts for this exact reason. I feel like I can’t wear them with jeans. What an eye opener!

    I think with every post I get more and more excited about our closet consultation. Is that weird? Haha

  4. kelsey

    I never thought of navy and brown- I really love that last work outfit!

    I love the idea of the black pants and navy top- I might need some help actually making that idea come to life though.

    THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOu are DA best!!!!

  5. Melissa

    I love navy! I am actually wearing a navy striped top today…how fitting!

    Being an Auburn fan, another fun way to pair navy is with various shades of orange…fun color combination 🙂

  6. Valerie

    LOVE the office look. I have turquoise denim from the Loft and never knew what to wear with it besides black, gray or white. The navy/cream on top is gorgeous! Thanks for the ideas!

        1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

          I have a navy skirt I haven’t worn in awhile since I’m never sure what color tights to put with it. Either that or I know but I don’t own that color yet.

          1. Suburban Style Challenge

            Hmm… I hadn’t thought of colored tights… I was just going to do black or a patterned black (like black lace). I think I have some planning to do! It’s going to be nice enough tomorrow I think.

  7. Marionberry Style

    Navy is probably one of my favorite go-to colors year-round.
    BTW, I love your blog…I could see how people could spend a few hours looking through your old posts. So glad you linked up today!!
    xo – Marion

  8. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    I love that you put these outfit together with the actual tops that she bought, that is so helpful and really thoughtful and through of you. I have a navy top that I rarely wear (mostly from lack of inspiration, it’s just a plain navy top) and I have all kinds of ideas for it, thanks to you. (I love, love that outfit outfit! Wooo, that is cute with the scarf tied that way!)

  9. Kandi

    I have a navy skirt but I always wear it the same way. Maybe this will inspire me to try something new with it. I usually wear my gray tights with it.
    I also own a dark navy dress but apparently nobody else knows it’s navy. When I bought it (Anne Taylor outlet for $15!) I actually asked my friend if it was navy and she agreed that it was. I always wear it with gray tights and brown boots. Anyway, I wore it on New Year’s Eve and we played a game where I won if everyone left in the game (weird game) was wearing blue. Everyone else left in the game was wearing blue jeans and my one friend looked at me and asked me where my blue was. I couldn’t believe nobody believed that my dress was navy!!

  10. Emily

    You are so considerate to choose items from The Limited for Kelsey! I don’t like navy very much. But I do have a pair of navy dress pants with white pinstripes on them, which are surprisingly versatile. I wear them a lot with red, green, or fuschia tops. I have always struggled with whether to wear black or brown shoes with those pants, though!

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