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New Year, New You: Embracing the Prep

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

jcrew-plaid-shirt-red-sweater 002

jcrew-plaid-shirt-red-sweater 006jcrew-plaid-shirt-red-sweater 007

Plaid Shirt – J. Crew (similar)| Sweater – Gap (similar)| Pants – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino (similar)| Necklace – JF&A Tradeshow (similar) | Hat – Boutique in Sausalito, CA

It’s 2013, I have a closet full of new items, and I’ve decided to embrace my preppy side.  I’ve always been studious, getting straight As, beating everyone at Trivial Pursuit, reading books the way some people eat potato chips.  Over the years my personal style has ranged from wearing all black (junior high) to wearing an assortment of items that were too big or too small (high school) to basic jeans or black pants and a plain shirt.  For the past few years, though, I’ve been working on developing my personal style into what makes me feel good at work.  And I think 2013 is the year I find it:  the year of preppy.

How do I define preppy?  Tailored, classic items.  Mixing traditional patterns but keeping the silhouette professional.  And occasionally tossing in a fun and unexpected item (zebra print heels, anyone?).

This means I’ll most likely be purging my closet of items that I don’t think are “me” anymore.  Which means all the better for you if your style differs from mine since they’ll be up for sale!

I may extend my preppiness from just my clothes and look towards learning something new.  Whether that’s playing around with my camera, learning some Photoshop skills or just experimenting with different technologies I don’t know yet.  Whatever way I choose to express my prep, I’m sure by the end of 2013 we’ll have all learned something!


The IT List for January 4, 2013

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter


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