From Flagstaff to Tampa: What to Wear in Two Different Climates

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Yesterday I showed you what I packed for two very different climates.  Today I’ll show you how I actually wore those items!

Now, I took the week off from taking outfit photos so you get Polyvore recreations instead.  Close enough, right?








And thus ends 2012!  Thanks again to Jen, Heather, Maggie, and Kim who guest posted for me while I traveled. And thanks to all of you for reading, commenting or telling me in person that you love my blog.  I hope your holidays were wonderful!

I’m back to work tomorrow so regular outfit posting will resume shortly.

9 replies on “From Flagstaff to Tampa: What to Wear in Two Different Climates

  1. Emily

    Yay for staples such as jeans and white pants which can be interchanged with nearly everything!!! Sounds like you had some great travels over the holidays. Happy 2013 to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Wow, I am seriously impressed at your packing skills, two climates with that much of a difference in temperatures is hard to pack for alone, much less when it’s only for ten days! I love how you took the silver boat shoes and made them so fancy with that last outfit, that is just all kinds of coolness going on there. (And now you have me thinking that my wardrobe needs a pair of silver boat shoes!)

    I hope that you got to have a really fun and amazing time on your vacation and that Christmas was really wonderful with your families. Happy New Year Erin, glad to see you back!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Those silver boat shoes have been worn to death. I should have bought a back-up pair last year!

      We had lots of fun on our vacation. Skiing and seeing the Gulf of Mexico in one trip? Lots to do!

      Happy New Year!

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