Gingham and Sparkle

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Shirt – H & M (similar on sale!) | Sweater – Gap (similar) | Jeans – Express | Shoes – Lucky Brand via Marshall’s (similar) | Necklace – JF&A Tradeshow (similar)

I bought this shirt because I wanted something in pink gingham.  I got this sweater as a gift and never knew what to wear it with.  I bought this necklace because I’d seen something similar online and loved the way it looked with various outfits.  But it wasn’t until I saw images on Pinterest that I got the idea to wear them all together.

Some people will tell you that you should only buy pieces if you know exactly what you’re going to wear them with.  Can you make three outfits with it off the top of your head?  Then you should get it.  I sort-of subscribe to this theory.  But, I also love finding new ways to wear the items in my closet that I didn’t think of when I purchased or received the items.  There is so much inspiration available that I don’t think you should leave something out of your closet just because you couldn’t think of a way to wear it. Just commit to looking for ideas and you’re bound to find that it works in your wardrobe perfectly.

Also, you may notice that I’m wearing jeans on a Thursday.  That’s because this is my  Friday.  I’m off work starting this afternoon until January 2nd.  I’ve got some fun guest posts scheduled for next week, though, don’t you worry!

P.S.  Thanks to my girlfriends who suggested I try Express for “skinny” jeans that aren’t as tight on my ankle or calves.  The Stella fit are perfect if you’re looking for something similar!

28 replies on “Gingham and Sparkle

  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I love the pink…it makes your outfit look somewhat spring-ish, which is a nice contrast to the drear outside right now.

    Ohhhhhhh my. If I only bought things I could make three outfits with off the top of my head, I would literally never buy clothes. Ever. Making up my mind to buy something is not my strong suit anyway, and putting together outfits is even less of a strong suit. It’d probably be a decent rule for me to follow so I would stop buying things that I only know how to wear one way, but eeesh. Stress city.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      It’s a fine line to walk between having things in your closet that don’t do double (or triple) duty and only buying items that go with everything. Sometimes you just need a few unique pieces to play around with.

      Do we need to schedule a closet consultation (they’re free!) to help you put together some outfits??

  2. Aparna

    haha, I wore my kelly green gingham with a mint green crew neck sweater yesterday!! guess i should buy a pink one too! and that addition of the necklace is cute! u look pretty.
    happy holidays & safe travels 🙂

  3. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

    Love it! The mix of casual and special (that awesome necklace! those flats!) is fantastic — one of my personal faves! 🙂

    And it’s official, after seeing — and loving! — 5 recent posts featuring a pink gingham shirt, it is now officially on my shopping list. And a plaid button-down.

  4. kilax

    I like the tan/pink combo! I never think to wear a sweater over a button down, even though I like it! I should try it!

    And I like that you encourage us to buy the things we are drawn to. If we can’t figure them out, we always know who to ask for help… 😉

  5. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    I agree so much with you! I usually buy items if I know how Ill wear them and if I have items in my closet that will work with them already, but I do really enjoy finding new items that are either something completely different or something that I have idea how Ill wear it, it just matters if I love it.

    I really like this mix of colors, the camel looks so classic over the pink gingham shirt and its just a insanely wearable outfit with the skinnies. (Love how you threw in the leopard flats as just a bit of fun and print mixing, they really tie the whole look together.) And thank you for the tip about the Express jeans, I’m short and I always have that problem where the ankles end up being too skinny to roll up or cuff.

  6. Kandi

    I have had a few pairs of jeans from Express and loved them. I wore one pair (trouser jeans) so often that I killed them. I’ve never tried their skinny jeans but I just bought my first pair a few weeks ago. Surpsingly, I bought them from American Eagle and they are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned.

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