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Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

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Cardigan – Target (similar) | Skirt – The Limited (similar) | Booties – Liz Claiborne via DSW (similar) | Necklace – The Limited (similar)

There are several ways you can use an inspiration photo.  For example, here’s today’s Inspiration Monday picture from Two Birds:

Original Inspiration: Leona Lewis

You could choose to go with the shape of or the items in the outfit.  A dress with a longer coat or cardigan and a scarf.  You could choose to go with with the patterns and mix several small patterns and include some plaid or something with a bird pattern.  Or you could do what I did and go with the colors of the outfit.  A brownish burgundy faux leather skirt mirrors the color of Leona’s dress.  A gray scarf echoes her adorable printed scarf.  And an oatmeal colored cardigan takes the place of her tan trench coat.

All of this to say that when you see a celebrity photo and think, “I wish I had her wardrobe!” you might be able to get closer than you think with items you already own.

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17 replies on “Inspired by Celebrity Fashion

  1. Emily

    Love love love the scarf with the necklace underneath! Usually I do either the scarf or the necklace, but never considered doing both at the same time. Where do you find all these inspiration looks, btw?!?!?

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I rarely do both at the same time, too. I normally stick with one but I thought I might be taking the scarf off later (silly me) and didn’t want to look too blah.

      My Monday inspiration photos come from the Two Birds blog. Otherwise I’m all about Pinterest!

  2. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Ah, that’s why your inspiration looks always work so well without them being a literal translation of the look. (I’m so going to have to try your version of this look, I have really similar items in my closet and I love the camel with the brown, it’s such a sophisticated style palette.)

  3. kilax

    I like the way you interpreted it. I am not a fan of the longer coat over something shorter… unless it’s open like hers is. I think it makes you look like a creepster. Ha ha! What do you think?

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I do wonder about wearing a longer coat buttoned up so you can’t see the person’s skirt or shorts or dress. Makes you wonder if they really have something on underneath there or not!

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