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I love the idea of thrift shopping.  I am not adverse to buying items used, especially if they are trendy or if I’m looking for something well made at a lower price point.  However, I am impatient and horrible at searching the racks or hitting up the same thrift store every weekend just to see if they have something for which I’m on the hunt.

Which is one of the reasons I love websites and apps such as Threadflip, Poshmark, and Because I Shop Too Much.  Also, a reader recently told me about an ebay store that caters to those of us who adore the idea of buying used but don’t enjoy “the hunt”.  Treasure Trove Designer Clothing scours thrift stores and puts their findings on ebay for you to peruse from the comfort of your own chair.  No more spending a day driving or traveling from store to store.  No more pawing through racks of random merchandise.  Nope, they’ve already done it.

Of course, you pay a bit more for someone else to do the work, but in my mind sometimes that’s an equal trade off.

Some of my favorite items from Treasure Trove are:


The Limited Pinstriped Blazer – $20.09


Ann Taylor Tweed Mini Skirt – $49.99


Banana Republic Pink Gingham Shirt – $20.09


LOFT Animal Print Cardigan – $39.99

What about you?  Do you like to thrift shop?


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  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I like the idea of thrift store shopping, but I’m completely with you on not enjoying spending hours looking through everything for That One Perfect Item. I really appreciate the Salvation Army closest to me because they arrange things by color, and I’m pretty sure their clothes-arranger must have the most severe form of color OCD possible. It’s like a perfect rainbow in there! I’ve actually one been once to get a throwaway for the Chicago Half, but I go by it a lot and always mean to stop in, especially since it’s so beautifully organized!

  2. Molly

    I definitely have to be in the right mood. I’m generally not a hunter/gatherer – and I like to be “merchandised” to. BUUUUUT, I also love a bargain. These are definitely worth a browse! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Heh, I am so all about the hunt! I love thrift shopping since most of the time I can find items way cheaper than on ebay. (I rarely use ebay unless there’s a really specific item I’m looking for. Online shopping is always hard for me because i like to touch and feel items before I buy them.) I love being able to find high end items for nothings but it does take a while to get the hang of thrifting, I was really awful at it for a while and could never find the nice stuff. (It really comes down to go to the thrift stores over and over again, I leave empty handed probably 60% of the time.)
    I’d never heard of this treasure trove website, but I really like it from the sounds of it! I need to go check this out!

  4. Emily

    I enjoy thrift store shopping but don’t do it very much since it takes some time. Although, I have definitely scored some FABULOUS deals when I do have the time. One of my friends is the queen of thrifting. Somehow she always manages to find the most amazing deals, like Italian designer blazers with the tags still on, for $10. Wish I knew her secret!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I want to know that secret, too! I think the key is having the time to go at least once a week and knowing which stores get the best stuff dropped off. Knowledge and time I do not have!

  5. kilax

    Ooo, did you get any of those items? That blazer is great!

    I don’t mind a few clearance racks in one store, but when it’s a thrift store with no organization clear to me I get overwhelmed 😉

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