Sunday Remix: Six Ways to Wear a Leopard Scarf




As I mentioned in my Three Surefire Holiday Gifts for Her post a leopard print scarf is an accessory that will liven up any woman’s closet.  I purchased mine in March 2012 and already it’s become a staple that dresses up otherwise simple outfits.

Want your own?  A reader told me she found the perfect leopard scarf for less than $5!


14 replies on “Sunday Remix: Six Ways to Wear a Leopard Scarf

  1. Holly

    Thanks Erin — I totally ordered that steal of a deal on amazon! I’ve been wanting one but hasn’t taken the plunge. 🙂

  2. kilax

    I love that scarves are so versatile, and there is so many fun ways to tie them! One of my favorite ways lately is to make my own infinity scarf out of non infinity scarves. LOL.

  3. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Holy cow, that’s amazing deal. I’m going to agree with Melissa above me, these would make an amazing gift, at that price you could give one to each friend. (I love how many way you can wear leopard, I really like your equestrian inspired look with the white pants.)

  4. Mica

    I seriously had no idea that leopard print was so versatile! I’m starting a list of pieces that I want to add, and I’m definitely going to include a leopard print scarf!

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