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Three Surefire Holiday Gifts for Her

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Do you have a gal on your holiday shopping list that you don’t know quite how to buy for?  Maybe you don’t know their size or their style.  Maybe you’re just not sure what they need or want.  Never fear!  Here are three surefire holiday gifts that will fit anyone, go with any style, and are things no woman really NEEDS but probably wants, even if they didn’t know it.


Surefire Holiday Gift #1: A Leopard Print Scarf



A leopard print scarf goes with just about any outfit and adds some visual interest to plain or patterned tops.  Don’t believe me?  Check back on Sunday when I do my Sunday Remix with my own leopard print scarf! Here are two of my favorites that would look great on anyone and with just about any outfit.











Surefire Holiday Gift #2: Bubble Necklace



The original bubble necklace from J. Crew retails for between $80 and $150.  But you don’t need to spend that much.  Bubble necklaces can be found for much cheaper via ebay and etsy, for instance.  Also, not sure if your recipient will be down with such a large statement piece?  Why not try a smaller version?  Mini bubble necklaces can also be found on etsy for under $20.  Bubble necklaces came on the scene in 2010 but are still going strong.  And since they come in every color imaginable you’re sure to find one that will please the gift opener.

Surefire Holiday Gift #3: Wrap Bracelet or Watch


Although arm parties full of bangles are very on-trend right now, for those of us who spend our days typing, a wrist full of jangly metal bracelets just won’t cut it.  But that doesn’t mean we have to be left out!  Wrap bracelets can add interest, fit just about every wrist size and aren’t nearly as annoying as those metal ones!  Plus, they come in all sorts of colors and textures with metal studs, rhinestones and embellishments in all shapes and sizes. Some of my favorites are from House of Gemmes (I have these and they are on sale for $5!) and Gorjana (I have been lusting after these for myself).

Think the woman in your life would prefer something more useful?  Try a wrap watch!  All the fun of the bracelet but with a practical time-telling piece.  Target has some beautiful ones for sale from their La Mer Collection.  Or you can go back to etsy where you can find something for every style.

So this December when you’re doing your holiday shopping and find yourself stuck just look for one of these three items and you’re bound to find a gift that your recipient will be happy to receive!