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Cardigan – Van Heusen outlet (similar) | Shirt – Old Navy | Jeans – The Limited | Boots – DSW (similar) | Scarf – JF&A Tradeshow (similar)

Happy day after Thanksgiving!  Are you on your couch recovering or have you been out shopping since midnight?  I’m not one to go all crazy with the shopping on Black Friday, believe it or not.  I prefer to shop when it’s nice and quiet and I don’t have to wait in lines a mile long.

Although, if I was going shopping I’d probably wear something like this.  Flat boots are comfy to walk in and layers up top make it so I can strip down if I get too warm.  The scarf add some visual interest to the outfit so it’s not too blah.

I wouldn’t wear this to work, however.  It’s definitely weekend or work holiday casual.   But if I wanted to dress it up for work I’d swap out the skinny jeans for black dress pants, wear a nicer black blouse instead of a crewneck t-shirt, and and wear black, brown or nude dress shoes.

So, tell me, did you do any shopping today?  How was your holiday?  Or did you just have a regular ol’ Thursday?

10 replies on “Casual Friday is Casual

  1. kilax

    Is this the first time you wore the new scarf? It looks nice! Yesterday Chris was asking me about the show so I showed her all the stuff I got and told her she should go with you – that you would lead the way to the good stuff.

    No shopping or Thanksgiving here yet! But you knew that 😉 We did go to Eric’s last night for dessert and stayed there over 3 hours later than I thought we would… since we were talking and having so much fun! 🙂

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      It’s the first time I’ve worn this scarf as part of an official outfit post. It made an appearance in a Saturday Shots post two weeks ago.

      Chris should totally come with!

  2. Franziska

    I laughed out loud at your title. We did a bit of black friday shopping, but we didn’t take it too seriously. Like Kilax, I also really like that scarf…and those boots!!!

  3. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    I am so with you on that, I really hate shopping when there’s large crowds or tons of stuff going on, I like it nice and quite. (I guess I don’t like very much stimulation, heh. But it is just too much when there’s that many people out.)
    This scarf is gorgeous, it has a watercolor look to the pattern and is just so pretty looking! And I love how you mixed black and brown, it’s amazing how well those colors go together.

  4. Emily

    I love this look. I am looking everywhere for scarf inspiration, so this really caught my attention. I am going to be duplicating it from the “office” standpoint, as you suggested!

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