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Riding boots and skinny jeans go together like chocolate and peanut butter.   Like butter and popcorn.  Like Thanksgiving and mashed potatoes.  Seriously, it’s not Thanksgiving if there are no mashed potatoes.  But I digress.

Outfits with riding boots and skinny jeans


Riding boots and skinny jeans were made for one another.  Or, at the very least, riding boots and skinny pants.  I mean, just look at how they were designed to be worn.

Original riding boots

Source: Pinterest

However, it has come to my attention that there are people who would love to add some riding boots to their closets but who aren’t comfortable with the whole skinny jeans or pants idea.  While I could do a whole post about why skinny pants aren’t necessarily evil, instead I decided to share with you some alternate ways to work riding boots into your wardrobe so you can wear riding boots without skinny jeans.  Thanks in advance to Pinterest & Polyvore which made my job a lot easier.

Way #1 Leggings and Riding Boots

Riding boots with leggings outfits


Yes, yes, I know that leggings are essentially just another form of skinny jeans or pants, but some people might find them more comfortable since they are designed to be worn with oversized, long tops.  In fact, leggings are NOT pants and shouldn’t be worn with anything that doesn’t cover your derriere.

Way #2 Skirts and Riding Boots

Riding boots and skirts outfits


If leggings aren’t your thing, about how a skirt or a dress with riding boots?  The key is to match the style of the boot to the style of your outfit. A more casual outfit?  Go with a more casual boot.  A dressier outfit?  A dressier boot, of course. The smoother the leather and the fewer the embellishments typically the dressier the boot will look.   At least, to my eye.  Tights or no tights, the choice is yours.

Way #3 Riding Boots under Pants

Riding boots with flared leg pants


Finally, you can wear your riding boots under a pair of bootcut or flared leg pants or jeans.  Why would you do this and hide any fun embellishments on your boots?  Well, in Chicago it can be an additional barrier against the cold and the wind in the winter.  Also, if you keep the embellishments on the boots (buckles, etc) closer to the ankle then people will get a glimpse of it as you walk or when you sit.  Make sure the boots have a slight heel as well to keep the look lean.

And there you have it.  Three ways to wear riding boots that don’t involve skinny jeans.  Although, if you aren’t afraid of skinny jeans, I have two looks coming up for you tomorrow and Friday that involve riding boots and skinny jeans.  I’m off work for the holiday so you’ll get to enjoy some of my more casual outfits for a change.