Pink All The Things!

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pink_blazer_pink_gingham (1)_edit

pink_blazer_pink_gingham (2)pink_blazer_pink_gingham (3)

Pink Blazer – H&M (similar)(similar)| Gingham Blouse – H&M (similar)| Necklace – J.Crew via Poshmark (similar) | Jeans – The Limited | Shoes – Bandolino

More bright pink in November!  I just can’t let it languish in my closet.  At least I didn’t wear it with my bright pink skirt, too, right?

Regardless, this idea I got off Pinterest but instead of a pink blazer and pink gingham the woman was wearing  a navy blazer with navy gingham.  And, serendipitously enough, the person I repinned it from (Whitney) had already written “with my pink gingham/blazer?”  Or, perhaps the person she pinned it from had written that.   Either way, it sparked this idea in my head and I knew I wanted to wear it ASAP.

Seriously, Pinterest is amazing.  There may be nothing new under the sun but sometimes that’s a good thing.

14 replies on “Pink All The Things!

  1. kilax

    I like the pink on pink! I could try this with my pink blazer!

    Why is it called a gingham blouse? (Since I know nothing about fashion I saw it and thought “plaid button-down,” lol)

  2. Rebekah

    Oooh, I really like this. I actually have a pink gingham shirt and a bright pink blazer, too, but I never though to put them together. I may have to recreate this sometime!

  3. Emily

    I LOVE this look. I am obsessed with jackets right now and am always trying to figure out new ways to mix them up. Love the shoes, too – I’ve been looking for a good pair of nude pumps for the longest time.

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