Welcome to the new Loop Looks!



Introducing the new Loop Looks homeViibryd vs zoloft!

I’m attempting to make the transition as easy as possible on my readers but due to my lack of tech skills and experience there may be some hiccups.  For example, you may need to update any bookmarks or, if you use Google Reader or another post reader, you may need to add the new URL in order to get post updates.  To do that, just click here!

In the mean time, as a thank you in advance for all my readers I’ve decided to give away a $50 Visa Gift Card to one reader if one of two things happen:

1.  My page views break 200 for at least 5 days in the next two weeks.

2. I get 100 likes on my Facebook page.

How do you enter?

Leave at least two comments on Loop Looks over the next two weeks.

Each post you comment on gets you one entry.  If you like me on Facebook you get a second entry.  Be sure I have a way to contact you so I can let you know if you win!

That’s it.  Seriously.  But, remember, the drawing only happens if you we get 200 page views and 100 likes on Facebook.  Currently my page views hover between 150 and 180 and my Facebook likes are at 62.  I’ll keep you updated over the next two weeks and announce the winner on Friday, November 23rd.  Just in time for holiday shopping to begin!

So, start commenting, liking and following!

Note: http://looplooks.wordpress.com will automatically redirect to Viibryd vs zoloftfor awhile.  But, I highly recommend you update your visiting method so you don’t miss out on future posts!

30 replies on “Welcome to the new Loop Looks!

  1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

    Lindsay, I’m just a little concerned that I don’t have my Google Reader feed set up just right. I’m hoping that people who only subscribe that way continue to get posts for the next few days (I still have some posts scheduled to post on wordpress.com) and remember to add this new link!

  2. Mica

    Okay, I think I have my Google Reader updated, and I just liked your page on Fbook. I am loving LoopLooks and check it every day now. Sorry it took me awhile to get in the swing of reading. You’ve inspired me, lady!

  3. kilax

    Yay! Congrats on the new url! It looks great!

    And so happy I don’t have to login via WP anymore.

    Have you thought about doing a paid ad on Facebook to promote Loop Looks? Steven did that for Fake Meats and got 200+ more likes in a couple of days!

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