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Layering in the Fall

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall · You Pick Wednesday



First Row: Cowl neck Sweater | Crewneck Sweater | Sweater Vest

Second Row: Faux Fur Vest | Pants | Blazer | Blouse (similar) | Skirt

Third Row: Tights | Booties | Boots

Fourth Row: Gloves, scarf, hat, coat | Scarf, trench | Hat, gloves, coat, scarf


A reader recently asked if I could address the challenge of how to layer for the weather in Chicago.  If case you’re not aware, in Chicago the average highs for November and December range between 35 and 49 and the lows drop into the 20s.   Plus, it tends to be gray and windy.

With all that in mind, I pulled together some outfits using the pieces above with a few options for each temperature range.  I bet you can put together outfits from similar items in your own closets!






What to see examples of this in real life?  Check out Katie at An Alaska Weredork: A Style Diary.  Yes, she lives in Alaska and does a great job layering for the weather.




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