Inspiration Monday – Breaking the Rules

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

black_pants_brown_boots_oatmeal_cardigan (3)

black_pants_brown_boots_oatmeal_cardigan (9) black_pants_brown_boots_oatmeal_cardigan (10)

Cardigan – Target (similar)| Blouse – Gap | Pants – Gap | Scarf – San Francisco Chinatown (similar) | Necklace – Store in NYC (similar)| Boots – Bandolino via (similar)

Welcome to another Monday installment of Inspiration Monday from Two Birds!

Lauren Conrad tends to get emulated a lot in style circles.  The outfit for today isn’t anything particularly special.  Boots, leggings, a big sweater, and a scarf but she always manages to make whatever she puts on super-chic, am I right?

This outfit is perfect for traipsing about on the weekend but not so perfect for a Monday morning in the office.  So, I broke a few rules.  I went a little bit more casual than I normally would for a Monday.  I like to think the heel on the boots dresses it up a notch.  And speaking of the boots, I stuck with brown shoes with black pants.

Although, black and brown is okay now, so it’s not really breaking a rule anymore.

Actually, when you look at it, they’re all neutral colors so why not wear them together?

P.S.  Huge thanks to this week’s guest photographer, Molly!

P.P.S.  Like my scarf?  Pretty sure you’ll be able to pick up the exact same one at the next JF&A Show.  If you’re in the Chicago area mark your calendars for the afternoon of December 2nd.  I’ll be leading an outing to the show.


20 replies on “Inspiration Monday – Breaking the Rules

  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I don’t have nearly as much trouble with black and brown together as I do with black and navy blue. I think you can wear black and brown in a way that looks intentional and classy, but I think it’s a MUCH bigger struggle to wear black and navy blue in a way that makes it look like you didn’t get dressed in a poorly-lit closet.

    (Ahem. Says the girl who is most DEFINITELY wearing a navy blue sweater and black sneakers today. In my defense, I still haven’t bought new brown sneakers, so the black ones were my only footwear option, I’m not particularly worried about my co-workers judging my shoe/sweater combo choice, and when I’m actually able to be seen by other people on my commute, I’m wearing a coat. So there’s that.)

    I did mean want to tell you, though, that after deciding to wear this very-plain sweater, I was like, “Oh! I should wear a scarf with it to make it more exciting! But what scarf should I wear…?” So I referenced that handy dandy color wheel you posted on Wednesday and BAM. Coordination. I feel so fashionable today 🙂

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Hooray!! I’m so glad I was helpful. Thank you for sharing that with me.

      I’m actually thinking about doing a post on wearing black and navy and black and brown together. I’ve done it and,yes, you have to make it look very intentional and that’s not so easy.

  2. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    I’m a big fan of neutral colors, so an all neutral color outfit gets a big thumbs up from me. This was a fantastic inspiration Monday, Lauren Conrad has a pretty easy to wear style, I’ve always enjoyed her looks. You take on this came out lovely, I think the brown boots dress it up quite a bit and it doesn’t look to casual at all but very put together!

  3. kilax

    Here is someone I do not know who it is – Lauren Conrad.

    I just gave my sexy healed brown boots to my sis (they were real leather). But I have fake leather black ones with heals.

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