October Shopping Summary




1.  Ann Taylor navy lace ankle pants – $44

2. Black Ann Taylor dress pants – $44

3. J. Crew Factory Pencil Skirt – $40

4.  J. Crew Inspired Grey Bubble Necklace – $15 (original) (similar)

5. Rhinestone statement necklace – $8.50 (similar)

6. Floral scarf – $2.35 (similar)

7. Wrap bracelet – $10 (similar) (similar)

8. Wrap watch – $12 (similar)

Total: $175.85

In my September Shopping Summary I mentioned I was going to cut back on shopping in October and focus on finding a navy blazer.


I’m not very good at this.

Now, to be honest, I’ve been searching high and low for a polka dot pencil skirt for months so that was a must-buy when I saw it on sale.  The black dress pants were to replace another pair (currently for sale on Poshmark.  Sign up with code HBAMM for an instant $5 credit!) that, while still functional, I felt were too flared for my current style.

The bubble necklace?  Another item that’s been on my wish list for months.  I still want a turquoise one, though, so that’s still on the wish list.  The wrap watch was similar in that I’ve had one on the list for several months.

But the lace navy cropped pants?  Yeah, not a necessity.  Still debating on whether or not to keep them.  They are super cute but I’m not sure if cropped pants are a good thing to spend money on right now since, you know, it’s going to be winter shortly.  Thoughts?

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  1. Laura @ Laura Wears...

    I love those lace pants. How did you get them for $44? They are $89 online. Boooo. And that J.Crew-inspired necklace was a steal at $15. So envious.
    I told myself I would cut back in October too but it definitely didn’t happen. I am such a horrible opportunistic sale shopper…

  2. Franziska

    I do a monthly link up for bloggers that budget, so if you are interested, please link up – I’d love to have you join in! I think you got some great pieces that you’ll wear for months/years 🙂

  3. kimmie

    I had no idea I needed that polka dot skirt in my closet, but now I’m obsessed. WANT IT NOW.

    Love all your purchases! You can always find a navy blazer next time 🙂

    Also, if you think your pants are too flared for your liking, have you tried slimming them down? I was able to save a few pairs of dress pants from years past by slimming the leg down into a straight-leg. Pretty simple alteration, but makes a huge difference!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I seriously looked all over for a polka dot pencil skirt. I had Pinned so many ideas for one but couldn’t find one in my price range. So, yeah, I had to buy it!

      I’m not a seamstress and I have yet to find a tailor I like that’s convenient for me. But, that’s a good idea about the pants.

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